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Basic User Capacity calculation based on User States

AdaptiveWork calculates automatically User capacity based on User State changes. It means that User capacity is calculated only for users with a State of Active. For all other States, user capacity is set to zero. The User capacity is applied to Capacity Planning, Reporting, Resource Load, and Resource Planning.


This solution does not currently support out of the box scenarios when the User is temporarily suspended, deleted and subsequently active. When Capacity calculation is not accurate based on the User’s availability, decisions on resource assignment may be affected.

To manage advanced User Capacity scenarios, Administrators can enable Advanced Capacity Management. Learn more


How does Capacity based on User States work?
  • For newly created users, the capacity will be shown as zero until the date they become Active.
  • When a User is enabled or restored, their capacity is counted from the Enabled date or Restored date. 
  • When a User is deleted, their capacity is set to zero from the Deletion date. For example, a user deleted in mid-May 2020 will have their capacity shown as zero starting from the deletion date.
  • When a User is suspended, their capacity is set to zero from the Suspension date.


In reports

In Capacity Planning

In the following example, a new user was created in mid-May 2020. As a result, their capacity is shown as zero before the creation date.

In reports

In Capacity Planning