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Cases Inherit from Work Items

What's New?

Case permissions can now inherit editor / viewer permission from Work Items, so if you have Viewer permissions on a Project, you can automatically have the same permission on any linked Risks, Issues, Requests and Bugs.

A new setting lets Admins set how AdaptiveWork automatically applies editor / viewer permissions for those who have permissions Work Items (including those from roles, like Project Manager & Resource) to Related Cases (Requests, Issues, Risks & Bugs).

This is of particular use to Organizations using Permission Level: Enhanced.

Note: This capability is available to organizations who are part of the controlled release program for this feature and have already enabled "Permission Access Levels" in System Settings > AdaptiveWork Labs. It will be globally available as part of an upcoming major release.


Large organizations that need to manage their permissions in a structured and scalable automated way and provide the functionality to ensure that all relevant users that need access to a Project’s related Cases, have the access they need without the need to create cumbersome workarounds with workflow rules.

How it works

A new system setting "Cases Inherit from Work Items" (3.3) is available when ‘Permission Access Levels’ is enabled (currently from AdaptiveWork Labs, section 17, in System Settings).


  • When Never is selected (default option), no inheritance is created and permissions are not inherited automatically from Work Items to Cases- no change from current behavior.

  • When Internal and External is selected, all permissions from the Work Item are automatically applied to related Cases for all related users including those from roles, like Project Manager & Resource.
    • Users with Editor Permission levels on the Work Item receive Editor Permission on the Cases
    • Viewers receive Viewer Permission
    • Resources receive Viewer Permission

  • When Internal Users only is selected, the inheritance applies only to internal users and external users if those external users are part of a User Group that has been specifically added to the Work Item's Permissions.

Any change to the permissions or role on the Work Item, will be automatically inherited by the related Cases.


When System Setting 3.2 Enhanced Permissions project visibility is enabled, resources that are added at the task level, and have access to the project and all sub items, will also have access to all related cases

Inheritance is not automatically triggered for existing Work Item <-> Case relationships when enabling the system settings. You can trigger rebuild of the Permission map by editing permissions on the Project level to trigger this inheritance calculation for existing related Cases.