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Information About Migration of Issues to New Version

Starting from May 5, 2021, workspace administrators can migrate information stored in the old Issues to the new Issues version. This article aims to explain what information is migrated and how it is translated into the new Issues version. Please note that once the migration has been initiated, it is not possible to go back to using the old version of Issues. All workspaces still using the old Issues will be automatically migrated on May 31, 2021 according to the approach described below.

During the migration, all existing issue tasks will be migrated regardless of their state. Please note that issues in the recycle bin will not be migrated, and will be automatically removed from the recycle bin during the migration

The following data will be migrated:

Old Issues field name New Issues field name Comment
Summary Title  
Issue Type Type Customizable in both old and new version. Customized values will be migrated.
Description Description  
Workflow step Status Status will keep the same values as the Workflow step names
Status   Current Status will be added to the issue as a Tag value
Priority Priority Priority in new Issues is not customizable. If the number of priorities has been altered, the current values will be distributed on the existing 5 values (e.g. if old Issues use 3 levels, they will be migrated to priority level 1, 3 and 5 in the new Issues. If old Issues uses 6 priority levels, the middle two levels will be combined into level 3 in the new Issues). For clarity's sake, we will add tags to the resulting issue tasks, denoting the name of the original priority level.
Due Date Due date  
Assigned Assignee  
Time (h)   Attribute suppressed – not migrated
Created By Created by  
Created Created date  
Last modified Last modified date  
Added comments Comments  
Attachments Attachment  

The following information will also be carried over during the migration:

  • Existing access rights settings
  • The list of people to notify when a new issue is created
  • The email address used by external people to generate issues will be the same
  • Previous history events will be exported into a separate file that will be added as an attachment to the Issue

During the migration, Issues will be temporarily locked for editing until the migration has been completed. The user initiating the migration and all workspace administrators will get a notification when the migration has been completed.


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