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Planview Zoom partnership - Security Statement


Planview & Zoom Partnership

We at Planview always strive to provide our customers with tools and solutions to help them achieve their goals, and our partnership with Zoom is one such attempt. We believe that this feature will help many of our users who are forced to embrace the new way of remote working and virtual collaboration. We are also aware of the recent news around the challenges with security and privacy that Zoom has been facing.

In light of the current situation, we would like to reassure all our customers that Planview has taken adequate steps to protect user data and privacy on all accounts. Especially in the case of our Zoom partnership, we would like to inform all our customers about the following:

  1. We ensure that all Zoom meetings initiated from within Projectplace are password protected to eliminate the threat of an event where an unknown or uninvited person can join the meeting (a.k.a Zoombombing)
  2. To protect the identity of our Projectplace users, we anonymize all user email IDs before sending them to Zoom
  3. Meeting recordings are saved on the user's local computer, thus eliminating the possibility of data theft over the cloud
  4. We control all the traffic that is routed through various Zoom Data Centers. All our North American users are routed to US Data Centers, European users are routed to EU Data Centers, South American users are routed through the Brazilian Data Centers and users from APAC are routed through Australian Data Centers.

Note: The choice of the date center depends on the location of the meeting host.

Zoom has also reassured all their customers that they are taking all necessary steps to ensure security and privacy as a top priority. You can read more about the latest progress they have made around the security issues here. We would also like to highlight that this integration is an optional feature and customers can turn it on/off for themselves. Please find more information here



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