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Use ProjectPlace with Slack

Video: Use ProjectPlace with Slack

The ProjectPlace app for Slack enables you to transition seamlessly between conversations and tasks. Using the ProjectPlace app, you can:

  • Link a Slack channel to a ProjectPlace board
  • Create cards directly from Slack
  • Update card details directly from Slack
  • Publish cards to Slack channels

Install the ProjectPlace for Slack App

To install the ProjectPlace for Slack app in your Slack workspace, you need to be an Account Owner of the ProjectPlace account.

To add the ProjectPlace for Slack app in your Slack workspace:

  1. Click the plus icon Slack plus icon.png next to Apps in the left Slack pane to open the Slack App Directory.

    1 Open Apps.png

  2. Type ProjectPlace in the search box.
  3. Click the View button next to the ProjectPlace app in the available list.


  4. A new window appears. Click the Install button. You will be redirected to log into your ProjectPlace account.


To uninstall the ProjectPlace app from your workspace, navigate to the Apps page and click the Remove App button.


Enable Slack for the Account

To enable Slack for the account:

  1. Click the tool selector  in the top navigation bar and select Account Administration.
  2. On My Overview, click Settings and select the Third party software data access option.


  3. In the window that appears, click the toggle to the on position (if not already on)
  4. Select the Slack for ProjectPlace option (if not already selected).
  5. Click Save.


Connect ProjectPlace and Slack Accounts

Every user will be prompted to connect their ProjectPlace account with their Slack workspace account the first time they use the ProjectPlace for Slack app.

To connect your ProjectPlace and Slack accounts:

  1. In the Slack message field, type a command (for example, /projectplace link board.)
  2. Click the here link to connect your ProjectPlace account to Slack.


  3. Click Allow to give the ProjectPlace for Slack app access to your Slack workspace account.


Link a ProjectPlace Board to a Slack Channel

Only one board can be linked to a channel at a time.

  1. In the Slack message field, type the command /projectplace link board.
  2. Type the first few letters of a board's name to see an available list of boards.
  3. Select the board you want to link to your Slack channel.


  4. Click Link.


ProjectPlace for Slack Commands

Use the following commands to take ProjectPlace actions directly from Slack:

  • Get help with ProjectPlace: /projectplace help
  • View the board connected to a channel: /projectplace which board
  • Link a board to a channel: /projectplace link board
  • Create a card from a channel: /projectplace create card
  • Search for a card: /projectplace search card

Create a Card

Once a board has been linked to the Slack channel, you can create a card.

To create a card:

  1. In the Slack message field, type /projectplace create <card name>.
  2. In the Create a card window that appears, fill in the card's details.
  3. Click Create.


You can directly convert a Slack message into a card by clicking the More options icon More Menu Icon.png and selecting in the Add new card in ProjectPlace option.

Screenshot 2019-04-17 15.15.58.png

Edit a Card

Once a card is created or appears in the channel, you can also edit the card's assignee, status and due date.


Publish a Card to a Channel

Once a board is connected to the Slack channel, you can search for a card and publish it to the channel. All the users in the Slack channel will be able to view the card.

To publish a card to a channel:

  1. Type /projectplace search card to locate the card you want to add to the channel.
  2. Select the card from the list.


  3. Click Publish.


Uninstall the ProjectPlace for Slack App

To uninstall the ProjectPlace for Slack app:

  1. Click your avatar/initials in the right corner of the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Click the Apps tab.
  4. Hover over the ProjectPlace for Slack app and click on the red that appears.


  5. Click Revoke Access.


Slack is an external (or third-party) service provider and is not associated with ProjectPlace. We are offering the ProjectPlace - Slack integration which only an account owner can setup up for your Slack workspace. You may also uninstall or remove Slack at any time. The Slack platform will serve as a data processor for all personal data you provide to the platform, and you will remain the data controller. ProjectPlace is not responsible for data shared between you and Slack. Please review the Slack website for additional information.