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Planview Customer Success Center

August 2023

August 9, 2023

There are no feature updates in this week's deployment.

August 16, 2023

Adding Images to Whiteboards

Members of the workspace can upload, paste or drag and drop images to the whiteboard to share with other members. The file size is limited to 1 MB. 

For more information, visit Work with Whiteboards



August 23, 2023

Personal Board Settings Changed Location

As a way to more easily set your personal preferences for your boards, we have moved the personal board settings options that were previously in Settings to the More options menu. Your preferred settings will be saved across all your boards so you don´t have to update the setting in each board that you work in. In Personal Setting you are able to select whether you want to:

  1. Display activities panel. Activities that are connected to the board are presented in a timeline.
  2. Display column legends (Not started, Started, and Done). 
  3. Display done activities. Done activities will be displayed with the label Done together with the ongoing activities. 

Fore more information, visit Customize to a Board to Fit Your Way of Working


Automate Snapshots for the Plan

In July we went live with Snapshots for the Plan and now we added an additional option to automate snapshots on a weekly or monthly cadence. When selecting any of these two options it is possible to configure it further for instance setting a snapshot to be created every second week on a Monday or every third month on the first day of that month. So it gives a great flexibility to customize it to your needs. This functionality is available both from within the Plan where you click on the Manage snapshots option and if you navigate to Administration and click on Automation.

 Automate snapshots.png

August 31, 2023

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a tool in ProjectPlace that provides an additional layer of data security for documents that are shared and downloaded. DLP keeps sensitive information private, and allows you to determine your own privacy settings. DLP Administrators have the option to create and publish a DLP policy to all workspaces, and edit or delete the policy once it is created.

For more information, visit Data Loss prevention.


Sentiment Analysis on Cards

ProjectPlace provides a qualitative status of work based on comments on a card. A sentiment (Positive, Neutral & Negative) displays on a card's details pane and the card view that is derived from the content and tonality of comments on the card. (This feature only works if the account is Planview Admin enabled.) 

For more information, visit Work with cards.