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About templates in Projectplace

Save time using templates that populate new workspaces with predefined content. Templates can be used to enforce a structure, for example if the organization uses a specific project model, to maintain consistency between workspaces. It saves time for the person setting up a workspace, and team members will feel at home in any new workspace they are invited to and will find what they are looking for more easily.

Projectplace also offers several ready-to-use templates. See Start, archive, hide, and close workspaces for instructions on creating a workspace from a template. Available default templates include:

  • Planview SOW Consulting Template

  • Planview Employee Reference Workspace Template

  • Planview Recruitment Portal Template

  • Planview GDPR Compliance Checklist Template

  • Planview PR Media Pitching Template

  • Planview Event Planning Template

  • Planview Agile Marketing Template

  • Office Relocation Template

If you run projects that are recurring, setting up a project template will save you a lot of time. You can for example create a project plan with default activities, and even cards for all detailed tasks that needs to be done within each project. This does not only save time, it is also a reminder to plan important activities and tasks.

You can also add a predefined document folder structure, and also include actual documents that should be used in all workspaces.

All Projectplace users can create templates. A template can be personal, or be made available to others. Share it with colleagues, customers, and partners to minimize the time and energy spent on establishing a shared working method. It can also be made accessible to all users within your Projectplace Enterprise account.

On the Templates overview, you will find all information and help available on using templates in Projectplace. 


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