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About Workspace Templates

Save time using workspace templates that populate new workspaces with predefined content. Workspace templates can be used to enforce a structure, for example, if the organization uses a specific project model to maintain consistency between workspaces. It saves time for the person setting up a workspace, and team members will be familiar in any new workspace they are invited to, making working with new workspaces more efficient.

Projectplace also offers several ready-to-use workspace templates. See Start, archive, hide, and close workspaces  or Create a Workspace for instructions on creating a workspace from a template. Available default workspace templates include:

  • Planview SOW Consulting Template

  • Planview Recruitment Portal Template

  • Planview Event Planning Template

  • Planview Agile Marketing Template

  • Planview Product Delivery Template

  • Projectplace XLPM 1.0 (only available to customers with their account in our EU datacenter)

  • Projectplace XLPM Svenska 1.2 (only available to Swedish accounts)

If you run recurring projects, setting up a workspace template saves time. You can, for example, create a project plan with default activities and cards for detailed tasks required for each project. This not only saves time, it also serves as a reminder to plan important activities and tasks.

You can also add a predefined document folder structure, and include documents that should be used in all workspaces.

All Projectplace users can create workspace templates. A workspace template can be personal, or be available to others. Share it with colleagues, customers, and partners to minimize the time and energy spent on establishing a shared working method.

On the Templates overview, you will find valuable information and the help you need to start using Projectplace templates. 

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