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About Workload Management in Projectplace

The Workload view visualizes the workload of members in all account workspaces. It is used to determine when a member is overwhelmed with too much work, or is being underutilized with not enough work to do.

Each member can view the number of workspaces they are a member of and the cards he/she is assigned to. Cards are listed in one of three categories: Cards the member is currently working on, overdue cards, and cards planned but have not yet started to work on.

There are two views to monitor work progress.

  • The Capacity view  is based on the relationship between the estimated time on the member's assigned cards and their weekly capacity.
  • The Card view is based on the number of cards a member has been assigned.

You can transfer cards to other Workspace members when the workload needs to be divided.

The Workload tool is available to account administrators and members that have been granted access to workload information on an account or department level. 

Find information about monitoring and managing Workload in Projectplace, visit Workload overview

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