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Administrate Templates

Find and Set Template Settings

Only the administrators of a template can make any changes to it.

To find template settings:
  1. Click the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar, and select Templates.
  2. Click the name of the template you want to change information for. The template detail pane opens on the right side of the window.  You can set template settings here.Find template settings.pngEnlarge Image

Add or Remove Template Administrators

Each template can have a number of administrators. Administrators can do everything with a template expect change who the head administrator is or delete the template.

To Add Administrators:

Add administrator.png

Add administrator(2).png

  1. Open the template detail pane and click the Administrators section (or the left arrow icon left arrow icon.png) to expand it.
  2. Click Add administrators.
  3. Type the name of the member you wish to add as an Administrator.  As you type a list of matches appear. Select the desired member name to add him or her as a template administrator. You may search and add multiple members as administrators.
  4. When done, click Add administrator.

To Remove Administrators:

Remove administrator.png

Remove administrator - confirmations.png

  1. Click the more options icon More options icon.png to the right of the Administrator name you want to remove.
  2. Select Remove.
  3. A confirmation window appears
  4. Click Remove.

You can only remove a head administrator if you first assign a new person to be the head administrator. Once that has been done, you can remove the head administrator.

Change the Template Head Administrator

Change the template head administrator if you need to transfer ownership of a template to another person. To make someone a head administrator, he or she must first be an administrator of the template.

Only a head administrator can change the person assigned to the template head administrator.

To change the owner of the template:

Change ownership.png

Change ownership - confirmations Copy.png

  1. Click the more options icon More options icon.png next to the member's name whom you want to transfer ownership.
  2. Select Make new head administrator.
  3. A confirmation window, appears click Make head administrator.

Delete a Template

When a template is deleted, all contents within the template, including the knowledge base, are deleted. Once a template is deleted, it is no longer possible to base new workspaces on the template.

Only the head administrator can delete a template.

To remove a template:

Delete template.png

Delete template - confirmations.png

  1. Click the more options icon More options icon.png to the right of the template title.
  2. Click Delete
  3. A confirmation window appears, click Delete.

All contents in the template are deleted and cannot be restored.

Other Template Settings

Other settings.png

  1. To share a template with members in the account, click the toggle switch to turn this feature on.
  2. By default, you cannot base a new template on a workspace that was based on a template. However, you may allow this functionality by clicking the toggle switch for the Allow admins to create new template from this template option.
  3. To share your knowledge base with external members of your project, click the toggle switch to turn this feature on.
  4. To disable the knowledge base from the template, click the toggle switch to the off position.  The default to share the knowledge base is in the on position.

View Template Statistics

To understand how a template is being used, the following statistics are available:

  • The total size of the template.
  • The number of workspaces based on the template.
  • The number of ongoing workspaces based on the template.



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