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Keep track of your work

Learn how to keep track of the work you do, and get a few tips and tricks on how to get things done more efficiently.

Keep track of all your tasks

When someone assigns you a card or asks you to participate in a document review, you will be notified in two ways: through Projectplace and with an email. This way you are always alerted when someone assigns you work in Projectplace.

When you log in to Projectplace, you will land on the My overview page where you find the work assigned to you by cards and activities included in all of your workspaces. In addition, you can add your personal tasks to the overview. These tasks are only visible to you, and can includes items you need complete but doesn’t correspond to a specific board. If a task is work related, but not team related, adding this item as a personal task to the overview is great way for you to keep track of every task.

New commitments that are assigned to you or that you create, but haven’t been scheduled for completion, appear at the top of the overview. With one click, you can decide the task is something you intend to complete today, tomorrow, or later.

If a card has a due date, it will not change even if you assign the card to be worked on today, tomorrow, or later.

You can easily move cards and personal tasks when a high priority task arrives making it easy to reorganize how your work is completed. Arranging cards and personal tasks in priority order allows you to work on the first item and when that item is marked as Done, you are ready to move to the next card or task on your overview list.

Cards located on a board allows you to change the card details and hold conversations with other workspace members directly in the detail view, without ever leaving My overview.

At the end of each day, move the (unfinished) cards and tasks currently assigned in the Tomorrow category and reassign them to the Today category. At the start of the next work day, an email will be sent with your agenda helping you get an efficient start for that day.

Remember, your list of tasks are also available in our apps for iOS and Android, so you can add new items to get done, or complete tasks, even when you are on the go.

To remove finished work from the list you have to set it to Done.To set personal tasks as done, select the checkbox. To set a card to Done, open the detail panel and move the card to the last column using the status column attribute. 

Assignments related to the Projectplace Enterprise tools Issues, Meeting, Tasks can be found in the Other assignments area on My overview. 

Find your way back

From My overview there are a few different ways to easily navigate where you want to be:  

  • Recent boards includes the five most recently visited boards. 
  • Recent documents provides easy access to the documents you have last read or edited. 
  • Click a card in My work, then click the Go to board link at the top of the card's detail view to go to the board where the card is located. 

Shortcuts (Projectplace Enterprise)

Create and add your own shortcuts to different Projectplace features you frequently use. Shortcuts can be added to specific workspaces and to the Documents tool or a specific documents folder. 

The Shortcut menu option is not visible if you have no shortcuts defined.

To access your shortcuts: 

  1. Click your avatar/initials at the top, right corner of the navigation bar. 
  2. Click Shortcuts
  3. Click the shortcut you want to add to the shortcut list displayed in My overview

To add a document folder shortcut: 

  1. In the Documents tool, choose a folder or document to apply a shortcut.
  2. Click Add shortcut from the Options (Settings.png) menu.

To add a workspace shortcut: 

  1. Choose the desired Workspace overview.
  2. Click theThree dots more menu.pngmenu and click Add shortcut

To delete a shortcut:

  1. Click your avatar/initials at the top, right corner of the navigation bar. 
  2. Click Shortcuts
  3. Hover over the shortcut you want to delete.
  4. Click the X to delete the shortcut. 

Keep track of team tasks (Projectplace Enterprise)

If you are a member of a team, all assignments for all team members are listed in the My team tab under My overview. This page gives a great overview of what the team is working on right now, and what is coming up.

Assignments from a specific workspace are displayed only if that workspace is published to the Directory, and if the boards don´t have any access rights set for groups.

Picture of a team overviewEnlarge image

The assignments can be grouped by due date, member, workspace, or status (Today, Tomorrow, Later or New). This can give you valuable insights into the total amount of work the team has to do and can help you answer questions like:

  • Who has too many assignments and who might require more time to complete the work?
  • Do we have urgent overdue work? 
  • What different tasks are our team members working on right now?
  • In what workspaces (projects) are our team members most heavily involved right now? 

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