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Email Notification Categories

To help you manage your email notification settings, Projectplace has three email notification categories:

  • Action-required email notifications: Some email notifications are more important than others, so we've identified which ones you're generally expected to take action on when you receive a notification. Email notifications are on by default for this category, but you have the option to turn them off.
  • For your information email notifications: This category of events does not normally require you to take actions. By default, you will receive these email notifications only when you are @-referenced, but you have the option to turn all email notifications for this category on or off.
  • Uncategorized email notifications: All other events that trigger emails, but do not belong to either of the above categories.

When updating your email notification settings, use the list below as a reference for the events that trigger email notifications.

Action-Required Email Notifications

The following events belong to this category of notifications:

  • When someone assigns a Card to you.
  • If a Card that your Card is dependent on is moved to the Done column so that you can now start working on your Card.
  • When someone wants you to Review a Document.
  • When a stage in a Document review you have initiated is finished (if you have not set it to automatically move to the next stage).
  • When a Document review you have initiated is completed.
  • If someone rejects their review in a Document review workflow.
  • Someone has requested a Card assignment from your Team.
  • A Card request assignment was rejected by the Team.
  • An Issue has been created (sent to workspace administrators only).
  • You have been sent a Meeting request.
  • Your Meeting request is overdue.
  • A new request has arrived in the Request inbox (sent to account administrators and request administrators only).
  • A new request is forwarded to your workspace for approval (sent to workspace owner and workspace administrators only).

For Your Information Email Notifications

The following events belong to this category of notifications:

  • If a Document review you had been asked to perform was terminated.
  • If you were removed as a participant from a Document review.
  • If someone has performed their Document review (but the stage or the review is not finished).
  • A stage in a Document review that you initiated is finished (and you have set it to automatically proceed to the next stage).
  • You are mentioned in a comment.
  • Someone Likes a comment where you have been mentioned.
  • Someone makes a new comment on an artifact where you have previously been mentioned.
  • Someone edits a comment on an artifact where you have previously been mentioned.
  • A Roadmap Phase is connected to the Plan in your workspace (sent to workspace administrators only).
  • An Issue has been edited (sent to workspace administrators only).

If you follow a Document that you have not created, the following events will trigger an email notification:

  • The Document is moved.
  • The Document is deleted.
  • A new version of the Document is added.
  • The Document is sent for review.
  • A review of the Document is finished.

If you follow a Card that you are not assigned to, the following events will trigger an email notification:

  • The Card is moved to another column.
  • The assignee of the Card is updated.
  • The Activity of the Card is updated.
  • The Card's block status is changed.
  • The Card is deleted.

Comments made on Cards that you are assigned to or Documents that you have created will continue to trigger email notification updates even if you are not directly mentioned in the comment. 

Emails That Do Not Belong to a Category

There are some events that will trigger emails that do not belong to any of the above categories. The following events can trigger email notifications:

  • You are invited to participate in a workspace or made an Administrator of a workspace.
  • You have Document reviews, Cards, or Milestones that are due today.
  • A workspace data download you have requested is ready for downloading.
  • Your workspace creation that is based on a Template is ready.
  • You are asked to fill in the workspace status report.
  • Daily or Weekly reports that you have enabled.


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