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Get Started with Projectplace


Do you need a helping hand to get started with Projectplace? This video gives you the basics.

Video: Getting Started


Find Your Path to Get Started in Projectplace

Create a Projectplace account if you haven't got one already, and then select below what you want to learn more about. 


I am new to Projectplace
Projectplace basics for all new users.
Pages: 8
I want to learn how to use the different tools
Basic usage of the workspace tools Conversations, Plan, Boards, and Documents.
Pages: 8

I am going to create a new workspace
Create a workspace and invite members.
Pages: 7
I am the administrator of a Projectplace workspace
Manage members and groups, setup access rights, publish information to stakeholders, and use templates to simplify creation of new workspaces.
Pages: 8

I want to use Projectplace to plan and execute work
Plan your work in a Gantt time plan in the Plan tool, get it done using Kanban boards in the Boards tool, and follow up on work progress.
Pages: 7
I want to use Projectplace for documentation
Set up a document structure, work efficiently with documents, collaborate with others on documentation, and follow up on changes.
Pages: 7

I am the owner of a Projectplace account
Set up and manage your account.
Pages: 9

I want to understand the benefits of Projectplace
Get things done more efficiently. Use Projectplace for communication and collaboration, document management, and to plan, execute, and follow up on work.
Pages: 9


Need More Help?

Whenever you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact our support!  

If your organization needs help to get started with Projectplace, we would strongly recommend you to check out Projectplace Express Onboarding - a proven, 5-step implementation plan designed for new Projectplace customers. Also check out our other training and consulting services.

Don’t miss out on learning more about modern project management and how to effectively get things done in our events, webinars, whitepapers, blog, podcast and more!

Create a Projectplace Account

The most common way to get started with Projectplace is to get an invitation by e-mail from someone in your organization. When you have received the invitation you simply click the link in the e-mail and follow the instructions.

If you know that your company has a Projectplace account, you can also go to to create an account. Enter your business email address in the text box at the middle of the page and then click the green Signup for free button next to the business email text box to sign up. 

Note: You may need to be invited to specific workspaces by a workspace administrator before having access to a workspace.

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