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Find Your Way Around Projectplace

My Overview

Every time you sign in and use Projectplace you will land on the My overview page. This is where you will find all of the work that needs to be completed, and from here you can get to where you need to be. 

My Overview image 3.png

  1. Select the Me tab to see an overview of your workspaces, boards, documents, and cards. 
  2. The Recent boards section includes a list with the boards you have most recently visited.
  3. The Recent documents section provides a list of the documents you have last read or edited. 
  4. The next section allow you to see a list of workspaces. Click the My workspaces tab to see a list of workspaces that you own. Click the Workspaces I am a member of tab to see the workspaces you are a member of.
  5. The My work tab includes a list of work assigned to you as well as Personal tasks. Learn more about how to keep track of work
  6. The Following tab includes a list of cards you are following.

My Teams

The My teams tab provides an overview of all of the teams you are a member of. You also create new teams within My Teams.

Learn more about Working with teams.

My Teams Image

  1. Navigate to the My Overview page and click the My teams tab.
  2. Each team includes a name, a description, and an optional avatar.
  3. The Dashboard includes the team's overdue assignments and the workload status of the team members.
  4. The Members section includes a list of members included in the team. 
  5. The Workspaces connected to the team section includes a list of workspaces connected to the team. Note: only the workspaces the team is invited to will be included in the list. Learn more by visiting Work with members and groups.
  6. The Team Assignments tab includes a list of the work team members are assigned to.
  7. The Conversations tab is a communications tool allowing team members to communicate with one another.
  8. The Requests section includes a list of active requests that have been sent to the team.

Navigating Projectplace

Use Projectplace tools and resources to help get work done. Navigate a variety of tools, workspaces, and other resources associated with your user account. 

Navigating Projectplace.png

  1. My overview from the top navigation bar helps you understand the status of your work in one overview page. 
  2. Use the available list to select from the workspaces you are a member of.
  3. Search documents, folders, boards, cards, milestones, and activities in all workspaces you are a member of (the title, description, and comments are included in the search). You can limit the search to a specific tool (Boards, Plan, or Documents) and/or to the current workspace.
  4. Use the Tool selector for the following resources. Note: tool options differ between users depending on the current plan you use and the access rights that have been assigned to you.
    •  My workspaces is the most commonly used tool - this is where you will find all your workspaces.
    • Portfolios allows users to follow up on status for a group of project workspaces.
    • Templates can be used to create a predefined structure and work method to use as a base when creating new workspaces.
    • Time reporting permits users to report time when working with cards and activities associated with a project you are working on.
    • Workload provides for the ability to follow up on the workload of account members. 
    • Requests allows account administrators to become aware of and handle incoming workspace requests.
    • Account administration allows account administrators to manage users and workspaces within the account. 
    • Online meetings helps you save time and collaborate over geographical distances.
  5. Notifications provides alerts when s concerning event occurs in a workspace.
  6. Personal menu includes settings to add a user's personal information. Users can select a variety of settings helping each user personalize the way he or she uses Projectplace. If you need to logout of Projectplace, navigate to the Personal menu.

Get to Know the Workspace

The workspace overview allows users to quickly and easily find important information about the workspace and provides the work status of your project at any moment.


An overview of project Overview that contains numbers which explains the features and information you can find.Enlarge image

  1. The Workspace name, purpose, and goals are found in this section. 

  2. See recent workspace member conversations in the Conversations tool. 

  3. The Milestones sections helps you review upcoming and overdue milestones. 

  4. This dashboard provides progress for both Cards and Activities. Click the Cards tab to see a summary status of cards and get the same type of information by clicking the Activities tab for activities. Hover the cursor over the legend to get more detailed information. Click the Dashboard Full View icon Dashboard full view icon.png to access a full screen view with a variety of charts providing a graphical view of ongoing work progress.

  5. The Members section identifies workspace members. Click a member's avatar to access member contact information. 

  6. The Recent documents tab includes information from the Documents tool.  You will have instant access to see those documents that have been added or edited during the last ten days. The list includes the name of the document that was added or edited, the type of edits that were made, who the edits were made by, and when the edits were made.

  7. The Ongoing activities tab review activities from the Plan tool that are currently being worked on. 

  8. The Scheduled work tab includes the work in progress from cards, issues, and meetings that are currently scheduled. 

  9. Select one of these Projectplace tools (Overview, Conversations, Plan, Board, Documents, MeetingsMembers, Status, and Administration) to get your work done.






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