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Administrate Portfolios

Most of the administration of a portfolio is performed in the Portfolio overview.

Add a New Portfolio

To add a new portfolio:



  1. Click Create portfolio.
  2. Type the name of the new portfolio in the Untitled portfolio box that appears.
  3. Press Enter (or press Return on a Mac) to create the portfolio.

New portfolios can only be created by the account administrator and portfolio administrators.

Delete a Portfolio

Comments and settings for deleted portfolio cannot be restored. The status information reported from a project is not deleted, however. Though, this information is not visible until the project is added to another portfolio.

To delete a portfolio: 

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, click the More Options icon (Three dots more menu.png) and then click Delete portfolio.
  2. Click Delete to confirm.
  3. The portfolio is deleted from the project list and projects that were only added to the deleted portfolio will no longer include the Status tab.

Rename a Portfolio

In the portfolio detail pane, click the name of the portfolio to type the new portfolio name.

Add a Workspace to a Portfolio

To add a project workspace to a portfolio: 

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, click the plus icon next to the Workspaces heading.
  2. Click the arrow to see the available workspaces in a list, or start typing the project name to search for it.
  3. Select a workspace from the available list to add it to the portfolio.

Select the Portfolio Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

To select what KPI's the portfolio should track:

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, click the plus icon next to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) heading.
  2. Select a KPI from the available list or start typing the name of the KPI and then select it. The KPI is added to the portfolio and will appear in the Status tab in all workspaces connected to the portfolio.

To delete a KPI from a portfolio:

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, pause the cursor over the KPI.
  2. Click the X icon that appears.

KPI's that have been removed from a portfolio will no longer appear in the status tab for the workspaces in the portfolio, and will not be visible in status report. If the KPI is activated again, all historical data will be available.

Add and Remove Portfolio Stakeholders

As a portfolio stakeholder, you can access all status information and discussions within the portfolio.

To add a portfolio stakeholder:

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, click the plus icon next to the Stakeholders heading.
  2. Type the email address of the stakeholder you want to add and click the plus icon (or press Enter on a Windows computer or Return on a Mac) to send an invitation. If a stakeholder is already part of your Projectplace account, click the people icon and then start typing the stakeholder's name to search for it.
  3. The stakeholder will get an email with a link to the Portfolios tool.

To remove a portfolio stakeholder:

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, pause the cursor over the name of the stakeholder you want to remove.
  2. Click the X that appears.

Add and Remove Portfolio Administrators

As a portfolio administrator you can create and edit portfolios.

To be a portfolio administrator you need to be added to the account. This can be done by the account administrator.

To add an administrator:

  1. Add the user as a stakeholder.
  2. In the portfolio detail pane, pause the cursor over the stakeholder's name.
  3. Click the add person icon  Skärmklipp 2018-05-14 13.04.14.png that appears.

To remove a user as administrator:

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, pause the cursor over the portfolio administrator's name.
  2. Click the delete person icon Skärmklipp 2018-05-14 13.01.39.png that appears.

Set Status Update Reminder

To keep information current, create a reminder to update the status sent to the Workspace managers for all workspaces included in the portfolio. 

To change when the status update reminder should be sent: 

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, expand the Status reminder section.
  2. Select how often and when you want the reminder to be sent. Note: It is currently only possible to send weekly reminders.
  3. The Workspace managers will get emails according to your settings, with a link that leads directly to the Status tab in the workspace.

To remove the status update reminders:

  1. In the portfolio detail pane, expand the Status reminders section.
  2. In the Frequency list, click Remove reminders.

Reminders will not be sent to workspace managers for workspaces that are set to 'Not Started' or 'Completed' status.

Set Priorities

To keep track of the most important initiatives, you can set the priority of the project workspaces in a portfolio.

The setting is for each portfolio. So, a project workspace can have different priorities in different portfolios.

To set the project workspace priority: 

  1. In the portfolio pane, select the project workspaces you want to set priority for.
  2. In the workspace detail pane that appears, click Set priority.
  3. Select priority for the project workspace.

To edit the priority of a project workspace, click the current value and select another.

Sort the projects after priority in the portfolio view to see the most important projects on top of the list.

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