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March 2019

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Account Administration

Enhanced People Management on the Account Level

We continue to modernize the Account Administration Tool by uplifting the People page. Now, when you navigate to the People page, you immediately notice a modern list view with better sorting mechanisms, an entirely new filtering capability as well as more options to better manage a selection of workspace members simultaneously.

To learn more, visit Manage Users in the Account.


New Confirmation Message when Converting All Checklist Items into Cards

Based on your feedback, it seems we made it a bit too easy to convert all of the checklist items into cards. So, with this month’s release, we’ve added a confirmation message that appears before the conversion takes place. You will not see the confirmation message when you are converting one checklist item. The new confirmation message will only appear when all of the checklist items are being converted into cards simultaneously.


Enhanced Document Version Management (version 2)

We recently took a Document survey to better understand how we can improve the Documents tool. Enhanced capabilities for Document version management was one of the top three requested features. Last month, we added a few version management enhancements and we continue this month by releasing a couple of new enhancements:

  1. Now, you can perform a bulk-deletion to remove older versions of documents no longer being used.
  2. Additionally, you can now distinguish between major and minor versions of a document.

To learn more, visit Manage Document Versions.


New Email Notification Settings

Email notifications are great when you want to stay in touch with what is happening, but they can also become overwhelming if you are involved in very active teams. In March, we are introducing a first round of new email settings to help you adapt email notifications to better suit your specific needs. These new settings allows you to:

  • Turn off all email notifications. Notifications will continue to be sent in the Projectplace service and in the mobile app.
  • Define a regular do-not-disturb interval in your settings, preventing notifications to be sent during a specified time interval - overnight, for example.

To learn more, visit Manage Your User Account and Settings


Power BI for Workspace Managers

Create your own reports with this month’s release of a new OData set that are aimed towards Workspace Managers. Using this new OData set, a Workspace Manager can now extract and work with data from all workspaces that the user owns or manages:

  • Activities, Boards, and Cards and their related data
  • Estimated and Reported time
  • Custom Fields on Cards and Activities

This new dataset is available for Windows users that have PowerBI Desktop (November 2018 version or later) installed.

To learn more and download a template with some basic predefined reports, visit Visualize Your Projectplace Data Using Power BI.

Other Enhancements

A number of performance related enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this month's release.





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