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Reuse a Board in the Same or Another Workspace

Reuse a Board in the Same Workspace

If you want to use a board as a template to reuse within a workspace, create a duplicate of the board which will include the status column settings and labels. Duplicating a board is very useful if you use the same work process in different boards, minimizing time for customizing each board. You can also include cards when duplicating a board, for example, to duplicate a repetitive work process. 

To create a duplicate of a board: 

  1. Navigate to the board you want to duplicate.
  2. Click the options menu icon   Settings.png  and select Copy board.
  3. Select if you want the associated cards to be duplicated as well.
  4. Click Duplicate.
  5. A new board is created with the name of the original board preceded by Copy of.

When you copy a board with cards, nearly all attributes of each card will be duplicated with one notable exception; cards connected to activities will be duplicated, but card duplicates will not have a connection to any activity. All board settings are copied including board access rights settings.

Reuse a Board in Another Workspace

Define boards and cards in a template to reuse a board's workflow settings, or cards, to support a repetitive work process between workspaces. When you create a new workspace based on a template, the new workspace will be populated with the boards and cards you have defined.





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