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Manage Document Versions

About Version Management

Version management can be activated for folders or individual documents. Version management is activated by default for all folders and documents that are added to a folder. Every update to a document will then generate a new version of the document, indicated by an increase in the document’s version number.

When a user chooses to edit a document with version management activated using a document app, the document is checked out by that user, the version number is increased to the next version, and the document can not be edited by someone else. When the user saves the document it is checked in again, and other users can now choose to edit the document. 

Documents at the root level are not under version management control. These document can be put under version control one by one.

To see all versions of a document: 

  1. In the Documents tool, open the detail pane of the document. 
  2. Click Versions to open the section where all versions of the documents are listed. 

Change Document Version Number

The version number can only be changed on the latest document version.

Update Version Number Image 1.png

To change the version number for a document: 

  1. Open the detail pane of the document and click the right-facing right arrow icon.png arrow to open the Versions section.
  2. Click the More menuThree dots more menu.pngof the version you want to change and select Edit.

    Update Version Number Image 2.png

  3. The version section window changes. Change the version number.
  4. Optionally, you may add a comment in the Comments field to explain what was changed in the version.
  5. Click Save.

You can also update the document version by uploading the new version of the document into the Documents tool.

To upload one or more documents simultaneously and set version management:

Upload multiple documents.png

  1. Activate version management (if version management isn't already enabled for the file), click the right arrow right arrow icon.png of the document you want to manage.
  2. Lock the new version so that it can't be deleted.
  3. Set a version number.
  4. Add a comment to specify the changes that were made for the new version.
  5. Click Choose files to upload additional documents
  6. Click Attach.

When you drag and drop a single document into the Document tool and there is an existing version of the document, you will be directly prompted to:

Update Version Number Image 3a.png

  1. Lock the new version so that it can't be deleted.
  2. Set a version number.
  3. Add a comment to specify the changes that were made for the new version.
  4. Click Update.

If version management is not enabled, you will see an option to enable version management.

Additionally, the user who uploaded the new document version is the only person (other than Administrators as they have edit capabilities for all document versions) to have editing capabilities for that version. Other users can download and view the new version of the document.

Put a Single Document Under Version Control

Documents at the root level and in folders that have version management deactivated are not under version management control. Version management can be activated for these documents one by one.

To put a single document under version control:

Update Version Number Image 4a.png

  1. Open the detail pane of the document. 
  2. Click Activate version management.

    Update Version Number Image 5a.png

  3. Add a comment in the comments field to describe more about the version being created.
  4. Click Activate to apply the version number.

See and Restore Old Document Versions

You can open an older document version in read only mode. 

To restore an older version of the document the newer versions must be deleted. 

To see old document versions:

Update Version Number Image 6.png 

  1. Open the detail pane of the document and open the Versions section. 
  2. Click Open for the document version you want to open.

Delete One or Multiple Document Versions

To delete one document version:

Update Version Number Image 7.png

  1. Open the detail pane of the document.
  2. Click the right-facing right arrow icon.png arrow to open the Versions section. 
  3. Click the More menu Three dots more menu.pngfor the version you want to delete.
  4. Select Delete.

    Update Version Number Image 8.png

  5. Click Delete to confirm.

To delete multiple older document versions simultaneously:

Delete multiple versions at once.png

  1. Click each checkbox for the versions you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete icon Delete Icon.png.
  3. A new window will appear confirming that you want to delete the selected files. Click the Delete button to confirm.  

A deleted document version can not be restored. 


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