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Create and use document templates

Document templates are very useful in projects where many documents of the same type are created. They are created by project administrators and can be used by any project team member to create new documents from.

Use existing document templates

In Documents tool, click the 'Add'  field in the toolbar, and then select an available template from the Document templates section. A new document will be created based on the selected template. 

Create a new document template

You have to be a project administrator to create document templates.

To create a new document template: 

  1. In Documents tool, click the options menu Settings.png and select Manage document templates.
  2. In the window that opens, you can create new or upload existing document templates.

Do not save office templates in .dot and .xlt format as document templates. When using such a document template a copy of the office template will be created instead of a document of the types .doc or .xls. Save the office template as a document first, and then upload it as a document template. 


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