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Work with conversations


Video: Conversations

Team conversations and workspace conversations

Conversations can take place on two levels - in a workspace and in a team.

Teams are only available in Projectplace Enterprise.

To go to conversations in a workspace: 

  1. Go to the workspace.
  2. Click on the Conversations tool tab. 

To go to conversations in a team: 

  1. Go to My overview.
  2. Click on My team.
  3. Click on Conversations

Find your way around conversations

Conversations overview in pro

All conversations are listed in a chronological order (1). Use the filter on the left hand side (2) to only see conversations that a specific workspace member has started or participated in, or conversations with specific tags. Click on the filter icon to show the filter options. 


being able to filter in conversations

Contributors are anyone who has created or commented on a post. Anyone can add tags to their posts, they will then appear in the filter list. 

You can also combine filters. In the example above you will find conversations that Saga has started/participated in, and that includes the tag win

Write posts

Conversations in a new post (pro)

When you write a new post, there are a few functions to enrich your message:

  1. Select members or groups to notify others of the new post. Write '@' and the first letters of the name, and then select the person from the list that appears. If you write for example '@Ma', all workspace members and groups that begins with 'Ma' appear in the list. The people you @-ref will be notified in Projectplace and/or through e-mail depending on their settings. Note that groups are only available in  Projectplace Enterprise. If you want to communicate something to all members of a Projectplace Enterprise workspace you can @-ref the group All members.
  2. Attach files to the post from your computer, Google docs, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box or Projectplace (for Projectplace Enterprise users). For pictures you get a preview directly in the post.
  3. Write '#' followed by a word to add a create a tag in the post. The tags can then be used to filter conversations.
  4. Click on Post to create the new post.

To add a clickable link to the post, type (or paste) the URL including http://

Read, comment, and like existing posts

Conversations an existing post

Engage in, and share, existing conversations:

  1. Like the post or comment. The person who wrote the post or comment will be notified that you like it.
  2. Share conversation by distributing the URL to the conversation with others in for example e-mails, comments, or other conversations.
  3. Comment on a post.
  4. Edit your post if you need to correct a mistake. Click on the three dots and select Edit in the menu that appears.

Edit and delete posts and comments

Did you misspell? No problem, you can edit your own posts and comments. Any notifications that were sent when you first posted will be sent again to inform about the edit.

To edit a post or comment: 

  1. Hover over the post or comment you want to change. 
  2. Click on the menu Three dots more menu.png and select Edit

You can of course also delete a post or comment permanently. If you are an administrator you can delete all posts, a member can delete only their own posts.. 

To delete a post:

  1. Hover over the post or comment you want to change. 
  2. Click on the menu Three dots more menu.png and select Delete


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