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Start and join online meetings

Video: How to use online meetings

Important Notice 

Due to a technical update from Apple, Mac OS Catalina users may experience problems using Online meetings from February onwards. We are working to implement a replacement solution and hope to have this available before end of March.

About online meetings

Use online meetings in Projectplace to collaborate and share your screen with colleagues, partners and customers. It doesn’t matter if they are Projectplace users or not, where in the world they are, or what operating system they use.

During a meeting you can easily change whose screen is being displayed and shared. There is also electronic whiteboard functionality to enhance the communication.

The entire session can be recorded and shared with others who were unable to attend the meeting, or for future reference.

Join an online meeting

To join an online meeting, get access information from the meeting organizer. Access the online meeting with a link to the meeting, or through a meeting session number.

If you have a link to the meeting, just click the link to join the online meeting.

To join an online meeting if you have a session number:

  1. In Projectplace, click the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar, and select Online meetings.
    If you are not currently logged into Projectplace or not a Projectplace user, you can go to our webpage and click on the headset icon at the bottom of the page to join an online meeting.
  2. Click the tab Join online meeting
  3. Enter the session number and your name.
  4. Click Join in browser.
  5. If a teleconference is also connected to the meeting, you can call one of these telephone numbers to join. You need an access code to join the teleconference that the meeting organizer provides.

Projectplace does not charge fees for this audio conferencing service. However call charges may apply depending on your telephone service provider. Fees are paid by each participant, and billing is done through the participant’s telephone bills.

Start and lead an online meeting

If you are the person responsible for the meeting you can either book an online meeting in advance, or start an online meeting session shortly before the meeting.

Start the meeting at least 15 minutes in advance to make sure everything is working properly, and to have time to distribute necessary information to meeting participants.

To start an online meeting:

  1. Click the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar, and select Online meetings.
  2. In the Start online meeting tab, click Download exePC users need to download the application each time. Mac users need to download it only once.
  3. The online meeting is opened in a new window. Here you can see the session number (9 digits).
  4. Click the invite icon Icon showing how to invite to online meeting. Showing a person with a green plus to spread the session id to the participants in any of the following ways:
    • Email Session Information. An email will be sent to the participants with a link to the meeting.
    • Copy/Paste Session Information. A link to the meeting is copied and you can paste it in a chat, for example.
    • Copy/Paste Session ID. The session id is copied and you can paste the session id in an email or chat, for example. The participants can use it to join the online meeting from or from within Projectplace.
  5. If you do not use an external teleconferencing system, click on the headphone icon to start voice conferencing. You have two choices:
    • Telephone. Click Start Voice Conference and distribute the Access Code to the participants, for example, using the chat in the online meeting tool. The participants can dial in using any of these telephone numbers.
    • Microphone and Speakers (VoIP). Using Voice over IP requires that all participants are connected through a computer with activated speakers and microphone.

To start a booked online meeting using the link to start the meeting provided in the calendar event:

  1. Click on the link.
  2. Download the meeting application to start the meeting.

To start a booked online meeting if you do not have the calendar event available:

  1. Go to the Meetings tool in the workspace where the meeting has been booked. 
  2.  Click the meeting in the list of meetings. 
  3. Click Start online meeting
  4. Download the meeting application to start the meeting.

Record the meeting

Record a meeting and share with others who were unable to attend the meeting, or for future reference.

To record a meeting: 

  1. Start an online meeting.
  2. Click the record button  in the toolbar of the online meeting window.
  3. Select the folder where you want to save the recording. 
  4. Use pause button if you need to pause the meeting.
  5. Click the record button again to finish the recording. 

Book an online meeting

If you have the Meetings tool activated, you can book an online meeting in advance. This way you don’t need a separate meeting invitation to be sent, and the meeting participants get all information they need in advance.

To book an online meeting:

  1. Go to a workspace where you want to book a meeting. 
  2. Click the link Book Meeting
  3. Fill in the required fields and select the checkbox This will be an online meeting.
  4. Click Book.
  5. A meeting request is sent to all participants. The meeting request sent to the organizer includes a unique link to start the online meeting.

Teleconference phone numbers

To find the teleconference phone numbers, click the headphone icon in the Online Meeting application toolbar. Select the appropriate country to see a list of teleconference phone numbers that will allow you to start or join an online meeting.

Projectplace does not charge fees for this audio conferencing service. However, call charges may apply depending on your telephone service provider. Fees are paid by each participant, and billing is done through the participant’s telephone bills.

Review the country teleconference phone number list to select the appropriate phone number for your teleconference calls.

Country Teleconference Phone Number   Country Teleconference Phone Number
Afghanistan +93-729-890515   Luxembourg +352-2-030-1091
Albania +35-544-541735   Malaysia +60-11-1146-0000
Argentina +54-351-5697180   Mexico +52-899-274-8955
Australia +61-3-8672-0110   Netherlands +31-(0)-20-322-3040
Austria +43-1-265-05-70   Norway +47-21-93-06-54
Belgium +32-4-244-10-80   Poland +48-42-203-75-30
Croatia +385-1-8000-070   Portugal +351-21005-1181
Czech Republic +420-225-989-113   Romania +40-317-807-300
 Denmark  +45-78-77-25-30   Slovakia +421-233-325-555
Finland +358-9-74790020   South Africa +27-87-825-0120
Germany +49-40-299-970-35   Spain +34-931-982-366
Hungary +36-1-987-6780   Sweden +46-8-124-107-44
Iceland +35-453-90301   Switzerland +41-(0)-44-595-9060
Ireland +353-1-437-0310   Taiwan +886-(0)-985-646-931
Israel +972-76-599-0050   Turkey +90-212-988-1730
Italy +39-045-475-0695   United Kingdom (UK) +44-(0)-330-606-0525
Japan +81-3-5050-5090   USA +1-209-647-1300

Online meetings settings

Click on the cogwheel icon to the right to change settings for the online meeting.

A window showing different online meeting settings

In the preferences tab you can change language in the online meeting client, picture quality, and presenter scale. The configuration option Instant screen build-up optimizes the bandwidth usage for remote support, but is not recommended for presentations. You can also choose to save a connection log that is useful if the online meeting is used for support purposes.

A window showing features for online meeting

In the features tab you can decide which features are available to the presenter and to the other participants.

Standard ports

For online meetings we use the standard ports 80 and 443 for the screen sharing part. 
The VoIP is transmitted via the VoIP standard port UDP (9987). 

Our main infrastructure is accessible through the following self-owned networks: 

In detail Web-services and Database: ( 

Web-services and Database Backup: (

Main Switching-Server EU:

Backup Switching-Server EU:

Backup Audio-Server EU:

Online meeting security

All data that is transmitted is compressed with proprietary algorithms. This compressed data can only be interpreted by the client software.All data transmitted is 256-bit AES encrypted, servers are located in Europe and even within a session no one can see or control a computer without explicit permission.

The infrastructure has an advanced third party access prevention. This includes network monitoring as well as intrusion detection tools. The session data is not stored. Participants only see representations of the screen data of the presenter.

Several roles are possible: organizer, presenter, and participant.

  • The organizer is the person starting a session. The organizer can switch the viewing direction and the participant becomes the presenter. This is secured by the fact that the participant has to specifically allow that he becomes the presenter by accepting the change in viewing direction. This is also the case for transferring the remote control.
  • A participant joins a session and sees the screen of the organizer.
Network Protocols  TCP Ports: 80/443  TCP Ports: 80  TCP Ports: 443  TCP Ports: 80/443 (without SSL-Inspection) 










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