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Manage Users in the Account

Account administrators have the ability to manage users in the ProjectPlace account. Account administrators can:

  • See how many total users are in the account.
  • View how many users the account pays for.
  • View which users are active.
  • View when users joined the account.
  • Decide and set which users can start new workspaces.
  • Change the department a user belongs to.
  • Add new users to the account.

View Account Members

To view Account Members:

  1. Click Tool selector.png > Account Administration in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the People tab to see a list of account users.


Customize the View

To customize the view from the People tab:

  1. Click the Settings icon Settings Icon.png from the right side of the tool bar.
  2. Click Customize view.
  3. Click and hold the move icon Move icon.png to drag or move the column titles to rearrange the order of the available list.
  4. Clear any checkbox to clear those columns you want to hide from the view.
  5. Click Save.

    Customize the view 2.png

Filter the View

To filter your view of the People tab:


  1. Click the Filter iconFilter Icon.png to open the filter pane on the left side of the window.
  2. Select the filter criteria for the following filter attributes to filter your list:
    • Name: Search for a specific person in the account.
    • Email: Search for a person with a specific email address.
    • Joined on: Look for account members who joined the account within a specified date range.
    • Last logged in: Look for account members who logged in within a specified date range.
    • Access: Filter members who have access to create workspaces or the Workload tool.
    • Department: Filter by department name.
    • Cost code: Search for a person with a specific cost code associated with their user account.
    • Account role:  Filter by account role.
    • Workspace role: Filter by workspace role.
    • Workspace membership: Filter members who are members a of workspace and/or those that are not.

Add Account Members

To add account members to the account:

  1. Click the Add members button on the top left corner of the People tab.


  2. A new window appears.
    1. If you are adding external members, type the email address of each user you want to add and separate each with a comma.
    2. To add existing members who are not yet members of the account, select the user's name from the available list.



      The members you add must not be part of another account.


  3. An invitation email is sent to the new user(s):
    1. New users who do not have a user account with ProjectPlace are prompted them to register, creating a new user account. Until they have registered as a user they will appear as an "Unregistered" email-address in the user list.
    2. New users who already have a user account with ProjectPlace are prompted to accept the invitation. They will appear as "Pending Account Member" until they have accepted the invitation. Account invitations are valid for 30 days.
  4. You can select the language for the invitation email from the available list. Languages include: Dansk, Nederlands, English, Français, Deutsch, Norsk, Svenska, and Español.
  5. Click the Add Members button to send the email invitation.

    Add Account Members 3.png

Adding Account Administrators

An account owner can set an account member as an account administrator from the details pane.

To add account administrators:

  1. Navigate to the People tab.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the member you wish to make an account administrator. The member needs to be an account member before you can view the option Make account administrator in the next step.
  3. Click the Action menu or kebab menu Kebab.png in the upper right corner (green arrow in figure) and select Make account administrator.

adding_Account_administratorsWithCalloutCorrect COLOR2.png



To change an account owner, submit a ticket to ProjectPlace Support with the written permission from the current account owner to request to make a system role change. A ProjectPlace Customer Care Consultant will perform the requested change(s).



Add Account Co-owner in Account Administration

The account member needs to be an account administrator before they can view the option Make account co-owner in the More menu.

  • The maximum number of account co-owners an account can have is five.

  • The account co-owner has the same rights as the account owner except that the account co-owner will not be able to remove or add other account co-owners. 


To add an account co-owner:

  1. Navigate to the People tab.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the member you wish to make an account co-owner.
  3. Click the Action menu or kebab menu Kebab.png in the upper right corner (green arrow) and select Make account co-owner.


View and Edit Account Member Details

To view and edit an account member's details:


  1. Click the checkbox next to the member's name.
  2. In the detail pane, you can view and/or edit the member's:
    1. Profile: Title, Department, and Email address.



      An account administrator can add a new email address to a user account, which might be required if the user's email address has changed and they cannot log in using their old address to change it themselves. To add an email address, click the Add email link under the Profile section. The new email address must match one of the enforced email domains added to the account. The email address that the account administrator adds will be set as the new primary email address. When the new email address has been added, an information email is sent to both the user's old primary email address and the newly added email address. 

      This functionality is available only for accounts that have enforced emails enabled for them, so if the Add email link is not visible, submit a ticket to ProjectPlace Support for assistance enabling enforced email domains.

      New mail.png Add email account.png



    2. Content: The number of Workspaces, Portfolios, and Teams the member is part of.
    3. Account Access: Use the toggle to specify whether the user can:
      • Create workspaces.
      • Administer requests. Access rights can also be set on a department level. 
      • Access the Workload tool. Access rights can also be set on a department level. Note that access to the Workload tool is also given to Workspace administrators or Team administrators by default, however filtered to only show workspaces or teams they are administrators of.  
      • Access the Portfolios tool.
    4. Cost Code: The cost code associated with the member.
    5. Department: The department to which the member belongs.
    6. Workspaces: The workspaces to which the member belongs.
  3. You can communicate with a member by clicking the Send email link.

Remove and Delete Account Members

To remove or delete account members:

  1. Navigate to the People tab and select the member that needs to be removed or deleted from the account. In the details pane that opens, click the menu icon with dots More or Options Menu Icon.png in the top right corner to Remove or Delete account members. Removing an account member allows the member to continue as an active ProjectPlace user without having access to the customer account. When an account member is deleted, the user account will be permanently deleted from ProjectPlace.
  2. If you try to remove an account member who is a Workspace owner (a), Template owner (b), or a Team owner (c), you must first transfer ownership to another account member before removing or deleting that account member.
  3. Click Remove.


  • An email notification is sent to the user when their account has been deleted. External and internal users that are members of other accounts, or any users that own workspaces can only be removed from the account, not deleted.
  • If the user has been removed from the account and their user account remains inactive 12 months later, their user account will automatically be deleted from ProjectPlace.



Add or Remove Departments

To add or remove departments from the account:

  1. Navigate to the People tab.
  2. Click the Settings icon Settings Icon.png from the right side of the tool bar, then click Department. A new window appears.
  3. Account administrators can set the following settings:
    1. Select the check box to request those account members who have not assigned a department to select a department during the login process.
    2. Click the Add department icon Add department icon.png to add departments to the account.
    3. Rest the cursor on any department that you want to delete. Click the remove icon Delete department icon 2.png that appears to the right of the department's name.



      When a department is deleted, all members belonging to the deleted department will no longer have a department assignment.


    4. Click Save to save your changes.

You can export all the account members details by clicking the Export option from the Settings icon Settings Icon.png.

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