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About Roles, Groups, and Access Rights

This article defines the access and capabilities each user has in Projectplace. Each user is given a role type and provided with a defined set of access rights when he or she signs into Projectplace. The role type and access rights settings you have determines the capabilities you have within Projectplace.

Workspaces and Roles 

Most of the collaboration takes place within a Projectplace workspace; a place where workspace members can use different tools to plan and execute work, follow up on progress, and communicate with one another.   

There are several role types which determine the capabilities each role type has within the workspace.

Each workspace includes three different role types:

  • Workspace head administrator. There is only one head administrator for each workspace. The head administrator is the only member who can delete the workspace and change who is assigned as the head administrator for that workspace.
  • Workspace administrator. There can be more than one workspace administrator for each workspace and each administrator has full access to each workspace component or tool.
  • Workspace member. Access rights settings determine the tools each workspace member can use and the type of content each workspace member has access to.

In  Projectplace Pro, no longer available for purchase, the owner of the subscription is the head administrator for all workspaces, and there is no ability to add additional administrators.

If you want to know who the workspace head administrator or workspace administrators are for your workspace, use the Members tool to find a complete listing of workspace members and their assigned roles.

The Account administrator manages the account. There can be more than one account administrator. Account administrators do not have access to individual workspaces they are not a member of.


There are two types of users: 

  • Account users are members of the Projectplace account and typically belongs to the organization that owns the Projectplace account. Account users, with the proper access rights, may create new projects and use templates that are distributed within the account. Only account users can be included in teams, and only their assignments can be tracked in the Workload tool .
  • External users are invited to workspaces within the account but theses users are not members of the account. External users are typically people outside the organization such as vendors, contractors, or partners. 


You can group account users into teams. Each team requires at least one account user, but a team may have only one account user. Teams may have one or more team administratorsEach team will have access to a team overview where account users in the team can communicate with one another and view all of the assignments that all team members have across workspaces. 

Card assignments and their details are only displayed on the team overview if that workspace belongs to the account and may be published to the Directory if the access rights have not be set to restrict team members from seeing it.


  • Joe is a member of Workspace X.
  • He is also a member of Team Z.
  • No other members of Team Z have access to Workspace X.
  • When Joe is assigned to a card in Workspace X all members of Team Z will see the card and nearly all its details (such as due date, description, and estimates) on the team overview. 
  • While Joe is the only team member who can edit the card details directly on the team overview, all other team members can see it, and discuss it with Joe.
  • When the card is no longer assigned to Joe, or when the card is marked as "Done", the card disappears from Team Z's overview. 
  • Joe may have assignments that are not displayed on the team overview.
  • If Joe has an assignment in Workspace Y, which is NOT published to the Directory - he will see that assignment on his My overview - but nobody will see that particular assignment on the Team Z's overview.​​​​​​

Use Groups to Restrict Access Rights for Workspace Members

We believe that transparency between stakeholders is key for success to get things done. However, if you need to restrict access to some items in a workspace, it is a good idea to do this before inviting any members. For workspace members, access rights are set using member groups. The groups can be used to restrict access to:

Only workspace administrators can create and edit groups.

Groups can also be used by all workspace members to communicate with many members at once. There is always one group called All members which is a great way to broadcast a message to the entire team.

Workspace administrators can get an overview of all groups and the members of each group, using the Export access rights function in the Documents tool. 

The following access levels can be set for groups:

  • Read and write. Members can do most things in the system, except a few that are available to administrators only.
  • Read. Members can read all information and add comments, but do not have the ability to make edits.
  • No access. Members cannot see the workspace tools, boards or any documents or document folder.
  • Full access. In addition to read and write access, workspace administrators have some additional rights.

Administrators added in a member group will always have full access, regardless of the access rights set for the group.

Who Can Do What?

Overview Page
Workspace Members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
Read all information
Edit the workspace descriptions    


The team overview is the team home base located under My overview

Team Overview
Team Members Team Administrator Account Administrator
Access the team overview Add and remove members from the team No access to team overviews if the account administrator is not a member of the team.
Post conversations on the team overview Add more team administrators  

See and change all card details on the team overview for cards assigned:

  • to that user
  • to other team members that are located in workspaces where that user is a member
See all details for cards assigned to other team members that are located in workspaces where the user is not a member    


Workspace Members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
Create their own posts
Delete their own posts
Create, delete, and download all posts    


Workspace Members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
View activities, milestones, and dependencies
Add comments
Create and edit activities, milestones, and dependencies  
Change access rights    
No access     Administrators can turn on No access setting for specified groups.


Workspace Members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
View work packages and activities
Add comments
Create and edit work packages and activities  
Change access rights    


Workspace Members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
View Boards and Cards  
Delete Boards    
No access     Administrators can turn on No access on each board for specified groups.


Workspace Members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
Read documents
View history
Send documents with email
Download folders and documents
Copy documents, folders, and links
Access folders according to set access rights (but never more than read-only)
Comments on documents, folders, and links
Delete user's own comments added to other reviews
Terminate reviews the user created
Create and define folders, documents, and links
Edit details  
Access folders according to access rights  
Delete document versions the user has created  
Activate/Deactivate version control  
Permanently lock documents  
View folder access  
Change folder access    
Access all folders and documents regardless of set access rights    
Unlock all documents (except documents with a permanent lock)    
Delete document versions    
Delete all comments added on other reviews    
Terminate all reviews    
Create, edit, and delete document termplates    
No access     Administrators can turn on No access setting for document folders for specified users and groups.


Workspace Members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
See workspace members names and email addresses

* not available for Projectplace Pro Users

Invite and delete members  

* not available for Projectplace Pro Users

Create and delete member groups    
Edit administrators    
Edit reporting (to receive daily or weekly updates) for all members    
Change access for member groups    


Workspace Members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
See contact information
Send email and SMS to contacts
Export contact list
Create and delete contacts  
Import contacts  
No Access     Administrators can turn on No access setting for specified users and groups.


Workspace Members with: Workspace Head
Read Access Read and Write access Administrators Administrator
Perform all administration    
Change all information    
Terminate workspace      
Change head administrator      

Change name

*Projectplace Pro Users


Select tools

*Projectplace Pro Users


Archive workspaces

*Projectplace Pro Users


Terminate workspaces

*Projectplace Pro Users



Recycle bin
Workspace members with: Workspace
Read Access Read and Write Access Administrators
See Recycle bin contents
Restore items previously deleted
Restore all contents  
Permanently delete all contents    
No access     Administrators can turn on No access setting for specified users and groups.


Workspace Members with: Workspace Workspace Head
Read Access Read and Write access Administrators Manager Administrator
Receive reminders for status updates        
Report status updates to portfolios    
Download workspace report    


In the Portfolios tool, two different roles exist:

  • Portfolio stakeholder. Each portfolio can have any number of stakeholders with read access to the portfolio. The stakeholders do not need to be account members, they can be external members in the account.
  • Portfolio administrator. Manages the settings for a portfolio.
Portfolio Stakeholder Portfolio Administrator Account Administrator
View portfolio information Create and delete portfolios Full access to all portfolios in the account
  Add and remove portfolio stakeholders Transfer ownership of portfolios
  Add and remove project workspaces in a portfolio  
  Disable standard KPIs to use in portfolios  
  Create and delete customized KPIs to use in portfolios  
  Add and remove KPIs in a portfolio  
  Set up reminders for status updates  


Account Members with Access to Workload Account Administrator
Full access to the tool, information, and features Give account member access to the Workload tool


All Members Members Included in the Account Template Administrator Template Head Administrator
Create new workspaces based on the template Use templates distributed to the account Edit the template content Assign head administrator/owner of the template
Use templates users have been granted access Distribute a template to the account Add and remove template administrators Terminate the template

Administrators have the ability to turn on No Access setting for specified users and groups for the following Projectplace tools:

  • Plan
  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • Recycle Bin





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