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Use Projectplace with Zoom

To help virtual teams collaborate efficiently, we've integrated Zoom with Projectplace. Using this integration, Projectplace users can conduct online meetings with their account members.

Start a Zoom Meeting

To start a Zoom meeting:

  1. Click the tool selector tool selector new nav.png and select Start Zoom meeting.

    start meeting.png

  2. In the Start instant meeting window, do one of the following:
    1. Invite people via email: In the Add members field, type the name of the groups, account members, or email addresses you want to invite to the meeting, and add a description that you would like to appear in the email invitation.
    2. Invite people via link: Click Share a link with participants and click Copy copy icon.png to copy the meeting URL to your clipboard. Then share the URL with the desired participants.
  3. Click Start meeting.

    start meeting 2 3.png

A maximum of 300 people can join a meeting.

Enable or Disable Zoom Meetings

To enable or disable Zoom meetings for the account:

  1. Click the tool selector tool selector new nav.png and select the Account administration tool.
  2. Click the People tab.
  3. Click the Settings icon Settings Icon.png and select the Password and security option.

    settings password and security.png

  4. In the Third party software data access section, do one of the following:
    • To enable Zoom meetings, switch the toggle to the on position and select the Enable online meetings checkbox.

      enable online meeting.png

    • To disable Zoom meetings, deselect the Enable online meeting checkbox.
  5. Click Save.

Privacy and Security

The integration between Zoom and Projectplace is encrypted and secure; we protect our customer and user data by adhering to industry standards. Read the security statement on our partnership with Zoom here. While using Zoom, you are subjected to Zoom's privacy policy.

To ensure the best experience for our users working with Zoom meetings, we send each user's first and last name to Zoom so it can be displayed as their screen name during the meeting.

Proxy Server Settings for Zoom

Click here to know more about the network firewall and proxy server settings for Zoom.


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