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Integrate Projectplace with Other Online Services

Using Zapier

zapier zap.png

You can use Zapier to integrate Projectplace with over 500 other online services, including Jira, Trello, Gmail, Office 365, Slack, Hipchat, Google docs, Dropbox, Google calendar, and more.

Some examples:

  • Get a notification in your Slack or Hipchat channel when a new card has been added to a Projectplace board.
  • Create a card on a Projectplace board used for purchases, and assign it to the person responsible for ordering prints, when a card to create a brochure is done on another Projectplace board.
  • Send an e-mail to the reviewers when a card is put in the ready for review status column on a Projectplace board.
  • Create a card on a Projectplace marketing board whenever the development team has completed a feature in Jira.

Setting up links between services is easy - you don't need to be a programmer! Give it a try. Learn more about how to connect with Zapier.

Using Microsoft Power Automate

ms power automate.png

You can also use our Microsoft Power Automate integration to build custom automation workflows between Projectplace and other apps. Workflows are built using triggers (outgoing events from Projectplace) and actions (events in Projectplace). Currently, the integration supports triggers and actions related to card events. Learn more about creating flows in Power Automate.

Learn More

See a full llist of integrations here.


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