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Manage Workspaces in the Account

As an account administrator, you can monitor the workspaces in the account, for example, to make sure they are based on the correct template, or that you have enough disk space for the workspaces. You can view and modify key details of the workspaces as well.

Accessing Workspace Details and Customizing Your Workspace

You can see all the workspace that are created in your account along with the following details:

  • Workspace Name
  • Last activity
  • Created on date
  • Space used
  • Head administrator
  • Manager
  • Template used
  • Department
  • Cost code

To view a list of the projects contained in your Workspaces:

Image 1 - View Projects.png

  1. Click the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Account administration.
  3. Click the Workspaces tab.

    Image 2 - Customize the view.png

  4. You can customize this view and only include information most relevant to you. Click the More Options icon more options icon.png on the top, right side of the page.
  5. Click Customize

    Image 3 - Select options.png

  6. A new window appears. Click each checkbox to include the available column names you want to include. Use the drag and drop method to reorder the selected column names to arrange them in the order you prefer. 

Using the Workspace Detail Pane

To see information pertaining to one Workspace:

Image 4 - Workspace Details 2.png

  1. Click the name of the workspace you to open the workspace detail pane. Notice the workspace name is now highlighted in green and the detail pane appears on the right side of the window.
  2. You can add or make changes to the following Workspace elements:
    1. Cost Code
    2. Department
    3. Workspace storage limit
    4. Publish to directory and teams
    5. Administrators
    6. Members
    7. Milestones

You can also terminate a workspace from the selected workspace detail pane.

Filtering Workspaces

Filter your workspaces to find a particular workspace or search for workspaces with specific criteria.

Image 5 - Filtering Workspaces.png

  1. Click the Filter Filter Icon.png icon near the top, left corner of the window
  2. Click each desired checkbox to perform a filtered search. The filter criteria categories include:
    1. Workspace Name
    2. Status
    3. Last Activity
    4. Template type
    5. Department
    6. Cost code
    7. Workspace Type

Image 6 - Filter Example.png

The example above displays filtered search results with 2 criteria: Status = Not Started and Template = Sales Template

Selecting Workspace Settings

Account administrators can select settings that are appropriate for each new workspace.

To set Workspace Settings:

Image 7 - Settings.png

  1. Click the More Options icon more options icon.png on the top, right side of the page.

    Image 8 - Settings for NEW Workspaces.png

  2. A new window appears. Select Settings for new workspaces. Here's a list of available workspace settings:
    1. Information at Start-up
    2. Directory
    3. Templates
    4. Portfolios
  3. Click Save.

You can also export all workspace information to a Microsoft Excel worksheet.




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