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Manage users in the account

As an account administrator, you will manage users in your Projectplace account. You can see how many users you have in total, how many you pay for, and what users are active. You can also decide who should be allowed to start new workspaces, change the department a user belongs to, and add new users in the account.

Video: Manage users in the enterprise account

Click on the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar, and select Account administration. On the Overview that is opened you can see how many users you have in total. You can also see how many users you pay for and how many extra users you are using right now.

An overview of account usage

To list all people in the account, click on the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar, and select Account administration and then select People.

An overview of People tab in account administration
Enlarge image

  1. Add user to the account. You can search for a user or add their email address. An email is sent to the added user and they need to register to create a user account.  If the person you invite have not worked yet with Projectplace, it is a good idea to send them a link to this help article to help them get started: 
  2. Search for a specific user.
  3. Filter to see only external users, account users, or users that are being paid for. An external user is member of a workspace in the account without being included in the account, typically consultants, or external partners who do not belong to the organization. They can not start new workspaces in the account, use templates, or become a head administrator.
  4. Click a name to get more information about that user.
    • Contact information.
    • See what workspaces they are a member of.
    • Specify if user should be able to start new workspaces or not.
    • Specify if user should have access to the workload add-on.
  5. Filter to see only users with a specific workspace role, for example to see all workspace administrators.
  6. Filter to see only users that belong to a specific department.
  7. Signals that tell if users are allowed to start workspaces paid by the account, if they have access to the workload add-on, and if they have two-step verification enabled.
  8. When they last logged in.
  9. Export user information.

If you select one or many users, some actions are activated in the toolbar:

  • Specify if selected users should be able to start new workspaces or not.
  • Change departments for the user. This is used if the cost for Projectplace should be divided between different departments.
  • Remove users. When you delete a user from the account, the deleted user will be deleted from all workspaces he or she is a member of in that account, and lose any connection he or she has to his or her assignments in those workspaces. The deleted user will have continued access to Projectplace workspaces outside this account. Comments and other information that the user has added will still remain. 

When you try to remove a user who is head administrator of a workspace or template, you will be asked to change the head administrator of that workspace or template.


To change account owners and administrators, contact Projectplace Support. Once the account owner or one of the account administrators provides written permission by submitting a ticket and requests to make system role changes, a Projectplace Customer Care Consultant will perform the requested changes.

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