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Planview Customer Success Center

Duplicate a Card


To duplicate or copy a card, right click on the card to access the card’s context menu. Select Duplicate.

duplicate a card.png

The card details window will appear, and you can make the necessary changes to details and/or position on the board to match your needs. Click save when you're done. 

make changes and save.png

A duplicate card will appear on the board in the same lane as the original card unless you specify another lane within the card details. 

duplicate a card 2.png

  • When duplicating a card with tasks, all of the tasks within that card will be duplicated as well. 
  • For work that involves repeatable tasks, save time by creating a ‘template’ card with all of the tasks. When you’re ready to begin working through your repeatable process, simply duplicate your template card and edit card information as needed.