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Planview Customer Success Center

View Card History and Health

The History and Health tab in the card dialog window provides answers to card-related questions such as:

  • When is this card expected to finish?
  • How likely are we to meet our deadline?
  • Which lanes did this card spend time in, and has rework occurred?

history and health tab.png

Chance Of On-Time Completion

The Chance of on-time completion bar chart displays the chances that this card will finish before (or by) its planned finish date, based on the past performance of similar cards. Results are color-coded according to the following percentages:

  • Red: 0% - 49% 
  • Yellow: 50% - 79%
  • Green: 80% - 100%

Days To Projected Finish

The Projected finish section displays a projected finish date for the card, and the number of days that remain until that date.

Projected finish is recalculated any time a card moves into another lane. Note that there must be enough historical data from the new lane to make an accurate prediction.

Time Chart

hover over a bar time chart.png

The Time Chart displays the amount of time a card has spent in each non-completed lane. You can hover over a bar in the time chart to view more details about a card's history.

  • Blue bars represent initial time spent in that lane.
  • Orange bars represent any additional rework/revisit time spent in that lane.
  • Red bars represent the amount of time the card was marked as blocked.

Activity Stream

activity stream 2.png

Additional information about the history of a card can be found within the Activity Stream. The history of a card is recorded automatically. Very difficult to achieve with tactile boards, now it's easy to find out information such as:

  • Who created the card
  • Who moved the card
  • Where the card was moved to/from
  • When the card was moved
  • Who assigned the card, to whom it was assigned, and when
  • Who changed the card details (e.g., description, tags, etc.)