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Edit Individual Lane Details

Users with Board Manager or Board Administrator roles can edit individual lane settings directly from a board using a lane’s context menu. From there you can easily set or alter a lane’s WIP limit, change a lane’s title, or edit a lane’s policy/description.

To edit a lane’s settings directly from the board, simply right click the lane header or right click anywhere within the lane. This will bring up the lane context menu.

lane context menu.png

From here you can click Create Card to create a new card, Edit Settings to edit individual lane settings, Subscribe to Lane to subscribe to this lane via email, or Select All to select all cards within this lane to edit or move.

To edit the lane, simply select Edit Settings. Clicking Edit Settings will bring up a secondary menu where you can select Details... to edit specific lane details.

You can also select Set Default Drop Lane on in-process or backlog lanes to set this lane as the Default Drop Lane. On top level, in-process lanes, you can select Set Connected Cards Done Lane to set the lane as the Connected Cards Done Lane. Learn more about lanes here.

edit lane details .png

When you select Details..., the Lane Details dialog box will appear, and you will be able to edit the lane’s Title, WIP limit, or Policy / Description.

lane details dialog.png

Click Save when you’re done to save any changes you’ve made.