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Create or Add a User

When creating a new user, you can either create the user manually, or send an invitation to that prospective user.

View All User Invitations

To view all existing user invitations:

  1. Click the Account Settings icon in the top bar.
  2. Click the User Invitations tab to view all existing user invitations.
  3. By default, all pending user invitations are displayed. Note that all pending invitations expire 30 days from when they were created, unless the user is invited again during that time.
  4. To view accepted invitations, select Accepted Invitations from the dropdown menu.

user invitations tab august 2019.png

Invite a User

To invite a user to your account from within a specific board:

  1. Click the Invite User icon in the top bar.
  2. Type the email addresses of the users you’d like to invite to your LeanKit account. You can also copy and paste a comma separated value (CSV) list of users from a mailing list or other source.

  1. Click Send Invitations, LeanKit will email all the recipients, allowing them to create their user account. These users will be created with the following settings by default:
    • User enabled
    • No permission to create new boards
    • No explicit permissions to any board (although boards shared with users by default will be visible)

Once the user accepts the invitation, you will receive a confirmation email that they have created an account. Later in this article, we will cover editing this user to allow permissions for additional functions.

Manually Create a User

To manually create a new user:

  1. Click the Account Settings icon in the top bar.

  2. In the Organization Settings window, go to the Account Users List tab and click the New User button.

  3. In the new fields that appear, enter the new user’s:
    • Email Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Password
  4. Select the user's Time Zone and Date Format.
  5. Check the Enabled option to enable the user. In higher level editions of LeanKit, you can choose whether to make the user an organizational-level administrator and whether to automatically give this user access to all boards.
  6. Click Create User.

Revoke User Invitations

To revoke a user's invitation:

  1. Click the Account Settings icon in the top bar.
  2. Click the User Invitations tab to view all existing user invitations.
  3. In the Pending Invitations list, click the three dots to open the hamburger menu and select Revoke Invitation

revoke invitation.png

More on Users

Every individual who interacts with your LeanKit account will require their own unique user (login) account. User accounts are unique to individual people and cannot be shared.

Each user can be marked as "enabled" or not. Users can be enabled or disabled by the Account Owner at any time. Users not marked "enabled" cannot login or otherwise interact with your LeanKit account.

Only enabled users count towards your total number of licenses. Your account needs as many licenses as the number of users marked "enabled"; You can create as many users (unique logins) as you want, but at any one time you can only enable as many users as you have user licenses.

See Increasing User Licenses for directions for increasing your licenses.