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Set Board User and Team Access and Roles

In AgilePlace, users and teams can be assigned permissions to perform actions on a board based on the board role that they are assigned for that board.

Board Member Roles

Reader - may view information on the board and create cards via email and Quick Create, but they may not update or modify any of the information and may not edit or move cards. Readers are able to subscribe to board, lane and card events. Readers can also view board reports.

User - may view the board, create, edit, and move cards, but they may not perform management or administrative operations on the board, such as changing the board layout or WIP limits.

Manager - in addition to the rights of a board “User”, managers may perform management operations such as changing the board layout and WIP Limits.

Administrator - has permissions to perform all activities associated to the board. This includes board configuration editing, user administration for the board, as well as typical user activities. Admins can create, manage and view all teams. They can assign teams to any/all boards within an account.



The Board Administrator role is not the same as the Account Administrator role. Board Administrators are only administrators at the board level. Account Administrators are able to create, edit, and delete boards and create, enable, disable, and edit users (including making other users Account Administrators). They can also configure certain security settings and export usage and access reports.

Account Administrators have access to all boards on the Account, regardless of the access they are assigned on individual boards. There is always at least one user assigned as an Account Administrator in a Planview AgilePlace account, and more can be assigned at any time.


Add Users and Teams to Your Board

To assign board access and roles for multiple users and teams on a board, click AddIndividualUsersOrTeams.png 




From the Team members dropdown, select the users you want to assign to a board. From the Board Role dropdown, select their role. Click Add.      

Change Board User And Team Access

From within a board, click Kebab.png in the upper-right corner of the board and select Board Settings.

In the Board Settings window, click the Members tab. This provides a list of all the users and teams with access to the board and the roles that they currently hold on that board. Here you see a list of all users and teams with access to the board, with their Names, Roles, Email, and # of users in Team.




To change a user's or team's board access, click the Board Role dropdown DownArrow.png of the user or team you want to edit. From the dropdown select the Board Role you would like to assign this user or team.


ChangeUserBoardAccess Permissions.png


Role/Permission Matrix

The following table outlines the operations that each role can perform: 


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