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Configure Card Types

Only Account Administrators can create and modify card types. 


In LeanKit, teams categorize cards by type to reflect the different types of work in their process. LeanKit lets you define your own card types using colors, making it easier to:

  1. Visualize different types of work more easily
  2. Filter your board to isolate certain types of work
  3. Report on specific types of work to identify opportunities for improvement

Configure Card Types

Click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to reveal a dropdown menu, and click Board Settings from the dropdown menu.

board settings .png

Click the Card Types tab to the left. On the Card Types tab, you can see all the different card types that exist on the current board.  You can also add a new card type, edit existing card types, or delete card types.

card types tab.png

You can check or un-check the checkmarks next to a card type in the Card or Task column to include that card type for cards, tasks, or both. This allows you to set specific card types for your cards and tasks respectively.

card type task type.png

Create a New Card Type

To create a new type of card, click Add Card Type on the Card Types tab of your Board Settings.

add card type.png

From there, you can give the new card type a color and name. You can either choose from our 10 "LeanKit Designer Approved" colors, input a hex code, or click the color picker to choose any color you'd like.

new card type .png

color picker.png

You can edit existing card types by hovering over and clicking the pencil and paper icon next to the card type.

Don't forget to Save Changes when you're done! 

Set Default Card Type and Task Type 

The Card Types tab includes both a Card Type and Task Type column. You can select either or both of these when you’re editing the list. This allows you to specify which card types are listed for cards on a board, and which card types are available for tasks in a taskboard.

To select a default card type or default task type, just choose them from the drop down menu at the bottom of the Card Types window.

default card and task type.png

Delete a Card Type 

To delete a card type, once in the Card Types tab, simply click on the trashcan icon next to the card type you would like to delete.

delete a card type.png

You will be prompted to complete deletion. Click yes to finish deleting this card type.

confirm delete card type.png

The card type will then be deleted from your card type options.

Please note, if you select the default card type or a card type that is currently in use on the board, the card type cannot be deleted until you reset the default card type and/or change the card type of all cards currently using that card type.

delete a card type that's in use.png