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Top 10 Board Templates

Here’s a look at our top 10 most commonly used templates to help you decide which one is a close fit for your team to get started with.

1. Project Portfolio 

Project Portfolio.png

2. Project Delivery 

Project Delivery.png

3. SAFe 4.0 Portfolio Board

SAFe 4.png

4. SAFe 4.0 Value Stream 

SAFe value stream.png

5. Company Planning 

Company Planning.png

6. Sales Pipeline 

Sales Pipeline.png

7. Business Process Maintenance 

Business Process Maintenance .png

8. System Administration 

System admin.png

9. Complex Feature Delivery 

Complex feature delivery.png

10. Project Strategy 

Project strategy.png

If any of these layouts feel like a good fit for the way your team works, you can create a board from within the template library. Just click the drop down menu on the board template and click Create Board

Give your new board a title and description, then click Save. Your new board can be found by clicking on the Boards tab on the Home screen.

Again, you can customize the layout of any boards you create -- anytime. For more detailed guidance on how to use the Board Layout Editor click here.