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From the Idea Greenhouse: Toggling Pick List Option Visibility

We will soon be releasing an enhancement suggested by users through the Idea Greenhouse: a toggle for the visibility of pick list options. This means Administrators now have three methods to deprecate or remove options from a custom pick list.

Each option affects data in a different way: 

  • Edit—When you edit custom pick list options (change an existing field option), any existing records using that option are updated with to use the new option. For example, if you edit the value “North America” to be “America, North” then all existing records will use the new text.
  • Delete—Deleting a pick list option removes that option from the pick list. Any existing records, active or archived, that currently use the option become blank.
  • Toggle visibility—Toggling a pick list option’s visibility makes it unavailable for selection in the pick list. The option remains visible for records and reports. If you edit the record, you will not be able to select the toggled option. 

The ability to toggle visibility gives Administrators more control over their enterprise’s data by allowing them to preserve historical data as the pick list options change.

To edit, toggle, or remove a custom pick list option: 

  1. Navigate to the Admin Zone and select the custom pick list field. This opens the Custom Field Wizard.
  2. In Step 3 of the Custom Field Wizard, select one of the methods above to remove a pick list option.
    • To edit the option, type into the text box.
    • To delete the option, click the red Delete icon to the right of the option.
    • To toggle the option’s visibility, click the toggle next to the option.

      Note: A custom pick list must have at least one visible option. If there is only one visible option, you will not be able to delete or toggle it. 
  3. Click Finish and Save.

Your changes to the pick list will be saved. If you toggled an option off, you can toggle it back on the next time you edit the pick list.