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Type of information used when generating projects from a request and template

Which project type information is used when creating projects from a project request and template?

When you create a project request type, all of the project profile information is brought in from the project type it was created from as well as when you create a new request from it. No applications, tasks, task assignees, members, assignee, etc. are included.

When you create a template, however, all of the information (applications, tasks, task assignees, members) can be brought in from the project that it was created from as well as the project type (profile) information. This means that if you create a project directly from the template without using a request, it will bring in the profile information from the originating project.You can have two projects created from different project request types, but can have the same task structure if the same template is used. This means that the task structure will be the same, but the profiles will be different because the project request types were created from differing types.

To sum this up: The templates do not control what you see in the project profiles, the project request type does. The templates control what applications, tasks, project members/task assignees, etc are brought into the project.