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Fixing the DA Item Count Field in Cognos Report Studio

In our next release on June 21, 2019, we will be including a fix that may impact data in existing reports built in Cognos Report Studio. This fix repairs the Item Count field for Dynamic Applications (DA). This field is meant to return a count of the total number of items in a DA. However, when used in reports today, this field currently returns a GUID, a unique identifier, rather an accurate count of DA items.

The fix for this issue has two parts. The first part corrects the field so that it returns an actual count when used in reports. The second part of the fix is an automated script that will correct this issue in existing reports that include the DA item count field.

The script will only be run once and no other data besides the DA item count will be affected when we run the script. If none of your reports use the DA Item Count field, then none of your reports will be impacted.