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Planview Customer Success Center

Daptiv Task Boards Activated for all Workspaces

In the summer of 2017, we launched Daptiv Task Boards – a Kanban-inspired board that allows teams to visually track the progress of tasks in a workspace. Teams can also view, edit, and collaborate on tasks directly from the board.

While the users who have tried Task Boards have liked it, it hasn’t been as widely used as we expected. We looked into this and learned that many people have avoided using Task Boards because they must be enabled individually for each workspace. In fact, more and more of you have asked us to simplify usage by turning on Task Boards by default for all workspaces in an enterprise.

In response to your requests, on January 18, we will be turning on Task Boards by default for all existing and new workspaces. You will always have the option to turn off Task Boards for any project that doesn’t need it. Any Task Board that was manually disabled prior to Jan. 1 will remain disabled.

This change will have no effect on any workspace’s workflow. Task Boards will simply appear as an additional selection in the Tasks application of each workspace.

If you’d like more information about Task Boards, please visit our online Help.