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PPM Enhancements for December 18, 2020

We are deploying the following enhancements to Changepoint PPM on Friday, December 18, 2020. This post is designed to help you understand how new and enhanced features can improve your PPM experience, and to guide you in making decisions about how to configure those features (if applicable). To facilitate training and testing ahead of this release, the features below will be deployed in Sandbox environments on Monday, December 14, 2020. The next Changepoint PPM Release is January 15, 2020.

For detailed information about these and all PPM Features, see the PPM Online Help

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New PPM Enhancements

Analytics Dashboard Tab
This release includes the debut of the new Analytics Dashboard. This new Dashboard is geared specifically toward project stakeholders who need Changepoint Analytics reports and dashboards to track how their projects are going. It will maximize its use of space to display data in an unobstructed, streamlined format, uncluttered by other information around it. And with an option to go full screen, it allows the user to maximize their focus on the information that is important to them. To learn more about this feature, please visit the Product News Blog.

Notable PPM Fixes

Enterprise members sorted incorrectly in Enterprise Member Directory
When viewing the Enterprise Member Directory in a workspace and sorting members by workspace roles, individual members were being listed multiple times under different roles. This issue no longer occurs and enterprise members are sorted correctly in the Enterprise Member Directory.

Grouping does not work in Portfolio tab views
We fixed an issue in the Portfolio tab where users could not use Show menu to filter their view. Normally, if the custom view has grouping configured, the Show menu can be used to filter the view down to the selected grouping level. We restored the functionality of the Show menu in the Portfolio tab and users can filter their views by grouping level.

Custom logos change color when Dark Mode is enabled
This release includes a fix for an issue which affected custom logos with white backgrounds. When Dark Mode was activated, in addition to changing the PPM color theme, it would also change the backgrounds of custom logos added by users. This no longer happens and custom logo backgrounds are unaffected by Dark Mode.

Both original and temporary timesheet approvers appear in the Timesheet History Log
The Timesheet History Log was recording that the both original approver and their designated temporary approver had approved a timesheet when, in actuality, only the temporary approver did. Since this may cause confusion for users, we updated the Timesheet History Log to only record the user that actually approved the timesheet and added another field to identify when this approval was on behalf of another user.

Switching enterprises did not count as a successful login
When users successfully switched enterprises, it would not be recorded as a successful login into the enterprise. This affected the accuracy of the [Last Successful Login] query item in Changepoint Analytics. Now, switching enterprises does count as a successful login and users can accurately report on activity in their enterprises.