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Planview Customer Success Center

Accelerators for Agile Projects and New Product Development

On April 30, you can contact your CSM to gain access to three new Accelerators: the Agile Accelerator Dashboards, and the NPD Project Report Dashboard.

Agile Accelerator Dashboards

The Agile Accelerator Dashboards are the Agile Project Status Dashboard, and the Portfolio Status Dashboard.

The Agile Project Status Dashboard shows the snapshot of an agile project as a whole as well as critical items that reside within the project. This dashboard shows you a picture of a project, sprint, or week that allows you to know what is happening in an organized, easy to understand, and effective way.

The Portfolio Status Dashboard is designed to show stakeholders the status of your whole portfolio, with its associated risks and issues. Among other indicators, it includes a percent complete KPI, which is a calculated field that returns the average percent complete for all projects in the portfolio, including Agile projects.

NPD Project Report Dashboard

The NPD Project Report Dashboard displays a snapshot of a new product development project as well as critical items that reside within the project. This dashboard gives you a detailed and organized look at an NPD project’s KPIs, upcoming milestones, gates, risks and issues status.