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Planview Customer Success Center

Bulk Editing Workspaces

In our next release, on October 11, you will be able to edit profile and status fields for multiple workspaces at once in the Projects tab. This feature allows you to save time when you need to add or modify the same information across multiple workspaces. 

To bulk edit fields in multiple Workspaces:

  1. Open the Projects tab and check the boxes for the workspaces you want to edit.
  2. Click Checked Item Actions and select Edit Fields. The Bulk Edit Fields modal dialog appears. The dialog is divided into two sections: Profile Fields and Status Fields.

    Note: If you do not have permission to edit any one of the workspaces or update workspace status, sections of the dialog may be disabled.
  3. Edit the values in each field as necessary.

    Note: The fields initially appear in the dialog with their current shared value (if any). Fields with multiple values across the selected workspaces are marked "mixed values."
  4. Click View Selected Workspaces to review the workspaces that your changes will apply to.
  5. Click Save Changes

Your changes will be applied to all selected workspaces. It may take a few minutes before the changes are completely applied. Daptiv may take longer to process long lists of bulk edited projects with complex fields.