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Retroactively approving old resource requests


Is there a way to auto-approve outstanding requests from previous months? Or, is there a way that Resource Managers can have access to previous months in Team Manager so that they can approve the requests?


The inability for a Resource Manager to approve past requests is by design with the idea that people aren't making requests in the past. With that being said, there are ways to resolve this issue you are running into. 

The best practice to approve these past requests while preserving historical data is to have the Project Managers (PM) the Team Member's resource manager so that the project managers are able to auto approve of these requests. The PM can go into the Resource Plan for the workspaces and resubmit the resource requests; which will now be auto-approved. 

How to manually approve past resource requests:

As an Admin:

  1. Find a user who is a pending resource request in a project
  2. Navigate to the Admin Zone > Users > select the user or resource with outstanding past resource requests
  3. Click the action arrow next to that user > select Edit User > scroll down to ‘2. Settings’ section > for the ‘Resource Manager’ field, select the Project Manager for the workspace you identified above > Save the change you made
  4. At this point, the Project Manager for the workspace will now be able to go into the Resource Plan and resubmit for pending resources.

As a Project Manager:

  1. Navigate to the workspace where the identified user or resource needs past requests approved.
  2. On the left side, select ‘Resources’ > move the schedule back and find the previous time entry request > clear the requirement and re-enter the same number > click Save
  3. Once you save the changes, click ‘Submit Requests’ at the top. The request should auto-approve.

You will have to do this for each user you need to approve requests for. There is no bulk method to approve past requests.