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Relative Time in Data Modules

Beginning on Friday, April 9, 2021, report authors will be able to add relative time filters in their data modules using Fiscal calendars. By adding relative time filters to existing query items such as Start Date or to measures such as Estimated Expenses, authors gain additional flexibility in how they compose their reports.

Adding relative time in your enterprise’s data module requires these basic steps:

  • Adding the desired calendar as a new table to the data module.
  • For date fields, associate a date column with a corresponding date field from the calendar using the date column’s lookup reference property.
  • For a measure, associate a measure column with the same date field from the calendar.

Your table’s date column will now have 18 pre-defined relative date filters available and the measure column will have 18 pre-defined relative date measures available. You can use these filters and measures for your reporting. A more detailed version of these instructions can be found in the Reporting section of the Knowledge Base.