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PPM Enhancements for July 17, 2020

We are deploying the following enhancements to Changepoint PPM on Friday, July 17, 2020. This post is designed to help you understand how new and enhanced features can improve your PPM experience, and to guide you in making decisions about how to configure those features (if applicable). To facilitate training and testing ahead of this release, the features below will be deployed in Sandbox environments on Monday, July 13, 2020. The next Changepoint PPM Release is July 31, 2020.

For detailed information about these and all PPM Features, see the PPM Online Help

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PPM Enhancements

From the Greenhouse: Report Viewer for Project Dashboards
Users will now be able to view Changepoint Analytics reports directly in individual projects. We’ve added a new Report Viewer data box that can be added to the Project Dashboard. Once added to one Project Dashboard, the Report Viewer will be visible in every workspace that shares a type with it. However, users can select different reports for each workspace. This enhancement was suggested by customers in the Idea Greenhouse. If you have an idea to make the PPM experience better, visit the Idea Greenhouse and leave us a message.

Notable PPM Fixes

Workspace bulk-edit dialog stuck in infinite loading loop
We fixed an issue which was causing the bulk edit dialog in the Projects tab to get stuck in an infinite loading loop. Users could trigger this by selecting a workspace they did not have permission to edit before opening the dialog. Now, the dialog will open users will see a message telling them that they do not have permission to edit one of the workspaces they selected.

Updates to Timesheets view sort order
When changing your default view in the Timesheets global application, it would not save any sort order besides ascending order by date. Any changes to the sort order would be reset to ascending order by date. This could make it difficult for some users to find the timesheet they’re looking for. Now, only My Timesheets sorts in ascending order by date. The other Timesheet views will sort timesheets alphabetically and then in ascending order by date. Users can still select other sort orders while they are actively using the view.

Update Notes pane mishandling permissions
In Project Dashboards, if users did not have permission to view the Update Notes pane, the pane would load in an error state. While users were still unable to view data they did not have permission to see, this issue may have confused some users. Now, the Update Notes pane simply does not load for users without permission to see it.