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Workspace Data Recovery Options


Is there a way to recover deleted tasks, project or other data?


Option 1: Full Database Restore (Rollback) 

This option will roll back the customer database to the point in time of your choice. Generally, unless the issue is discovered right away, reported immediately and a decision is made to perform a restoration, this will not be a popular option. 

Pros: The data that was deleted is now accessible in the live systems with no extra effort by the customer.

Cons: Any data entered between the restore point and “now” will be lost, and customers will have to re-enter such data.

Option 2: Set Up Backup Site for Manual Recovery 

This option will copy the customer database from a time prior to the deleted data via a test application site. You can then access this site and see the data that needs to be re-entered.

Pros: The data that was deleted is available for them to manually re-enter. There is no additional data loss and no downtime is required for the restoration process.

Cons: Can be time consuming depending on the scope of the deleted data.

Option 3: Restore Project to Archived State (Projects Only)

If a project is deleted, the project can be recovered to an Archived state (and then set back to Active if desired) on its own. However, this option must be done the same day as the deletion. After this initial period of time the project cannot be recovered via this method. Please submit a support ticket with the affected project to see if it's still in a recoverable state.