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Planview Customer Success Center

Changepoint PPM Dark Mode

Our next release, on September 25, will include a whole new way to experience Changepoint PPM: Dark Mode. For a variety of reasons, dark modes have become a prominent design style used on many applications and sites. They can reduce eye strain, improve visibility, or just be more aesthetically pleasing.

Despite the benefits, we realize that some of our users may find it jarring, so you’ll need to opt into it.

To enable or disable Dark Mode:

  1. Open the User Menu in the upper right corner of PPM.
  2. Click Edit User Settings.
  3. Under General Settings, locate the UI Theme
  4. Select Dark from the dropdown menu. If you’re turning Dark Mode off, select Light.
  5. Click Save.

There are a handful areas where Dark Mode does not apply:

  • The Gantt chart will not display in Dark Mode so summary tasks and dependencies remain visible to the user.
  • Changepoint Analytics reports will not display in Dark Mode so user-defined color schemes are not altered.

Also, Dark Mode is only available on modern browsers that support styling used to create it.  Internet Explorer 11 and older versions of Microsoft Edge do not support Dark Mode. If you use an unsupported browser, Dark Mode is automatically disabled. If you enabled Dark Mode on a supported browser then access PPM on an unsupported browser, Dark Mode will be disabled for the session.

Be sure to enable Dark Mode and see for yourself how this one change stylishly transforms the PPM user interface.