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Planview Customer Success Center

Recovering Deleted Tasks or Projects

Is there any way to recover a deleted task or project?

If you contact Daptiv Support on the same day that a project was deleted, we can have it restored to an archived state. You can then change it to active. This is only possible if you contact us on the same day that it was deleted and will only work for the entire project, not certain elements from that project.

Otherwise, you have two options for recovery:

Option 1:

We would need to identify a point in time for the entire Enterprise to be rolled back to. Keep in mind that with this option, any work done after the rollback point would be lost for the entire enterprise.

For projects deleted before the "workspace delete job" time of 8pm PST (daily); we can recover the project without any data loss.

Option 2: (For tasks only)

We could provision a database backup onto a test server, sync the tasks to a MS Project file and you could import the tasks into the project on the production server. Please note that if you have any remaining tasks in the production project with actual hours against them, that those hours will be lost.

Please contact Daptiv support for both options.