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Planview Customer Success Center

Why My project status fields are incorrect ?

In order to make sure the most accurate data is being presented in the Project Status area of your project overview you might need to do a manual Project Status update.

To do a manual Project Status Update please follow the below steps.

1. Navigate to the Project that the data is not displaying correctly on.

2. Click the "Project Type" Overview pane on the left hand project menu.

3. Click Update Status

4. Confirm that the Health, Project State, Phase and Estimated Expenses are correct.

5. Place a Note in the Update Notes section stating what the update is for. An example of a good note could be. "Updating data to reflect actuals."

6. Click Save in the bottom right of the page.

7. Go back to the Project Home page and refresh it.

Project Status should now reflect all current data correctly.

If it does not, please reply back to support for further troubleshooting.