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What are the different types of comments available in Timesheets?

There are three types of comments that can be entered for timesheets

here are three types of comments associated with Timesheets:

Timesheet comments: These can be entered from the 'Timesheets' tab by clicking 'Comments'; a pop-up window appears, allowing you to enter and save your comments, as well as access them in the future from the same location.

Timesheet Submit comments: These are entered when you submit a Timesheet for approval; a pop-up window appears, allowing you to send information to the approver. These comments appear in the notification they receive (as well as anyone else who is set to be notified).

Timesheet Task Comments: These can be entered in the timesheet only by clicking the Task Comment icon next to the Task's Status icon. These can only be viewed from within the timesheet, or in reports.


Only the timesheet comments and timesheet task comments are saved in the database, and thus can be reported on by Query Studio and Report Studio reports.

Note: Only the Timesheet Comments can be viewed when you export from the Timesheets tab.