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From the Idea Greenhouse: Drag and Drop Workspace Documents

We’re delighted to announce our next feature requested from the Idea Greenhouse: a drag and drop feature for workspace documents.  This feature will be released on July 31 and will replace our antiquated “Quick Add” feature with a sleek modern tool which will allow you to rapidly upload multiple files to your workspaces at once.

The new drag and drop box is available in both the List View and Folder View of the workspace Documents application. Any user who currently has permissions to add documents to a workspace will be able to take advantage of this new functionality. Drag and drop will follow all existing PPM document size and security rules, including whitelist validation. This feature also includes upload validation to provide near-instant feedback if a document upload happens to fail. Further, if you’re performing a multi-file upload on one document fails to upload, that failure will not prevent the remaining files from uploading successfully.

Many of you have expressed how arduous adding documents with “Quick Add” feature could be. You needed to click Choose File, select a one file, open the file, wait for it to attach, click Upload, wait for it to upload, then do it all over again for the next document. This process is outdated, cumbersome, slow, and now…a memory!