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Changepoint Analytics Enhancements for March 12

We are deploying the following enhancements for Changepoint Analytics on Friday, March 12, 2021. This post is designed to help you understand how new or enhanced features can improve your experience with Changepoint Analytics.

In this release, we focus on improvements to the Changepoint Analytics Data Platform and the Changepoint Analytics Connect service. Both of these features are currently available only to Early Adopter customers. To join the Early Adopter program, please contact your CSM.

Data Platform Enhancements

New User Query Subjects
We added the following new query subjects that report authors can use to report on PPM user data:

  • Project Member
  • User
  • User Resource Manager Heirarchy
  • User Skill
  • User Supervisor Heirarchy

Each of these query subjects has a comprehensive set of query items that you can add to your reports to gain insight into how the PPM users are utilized in your enterprise.

Changepoint Analytics Connect Enhancements

New Changepoint Analytics Connect Options
Starting with this release, users with an existing Snowflake instance will be able to connect to the Changepoint Data Platform from their Snowflake instance. Previously, in order to access the Changepoint Data Platform through Snowflake, users would need to use the Changepoint instance and log in using the account credentials we created. This enhancement gives user flexibility in how the access and use their PPM data for reports.